Warmachine & Hordes

So what is this thing I keep whittering on about?  Privateer Press are the creators of a small scale skirmish wargame, called surprisingly Warmachine & Hordes.

Just to be clear, Warmachine and Hordes are essentially the same game; just with different titles.  However there are some subtle differences, that make each of the unique.  Both games are set in a world called the Iron Kingdoms, which is divided into East Immoren (Hordes) and Western Immoren (Warmachine).  So I’ll start with Warmachine, which is the system I started with.

Warmachine is all about, hulking great engine driven titans; masses of undead/infantry hordes and magic slinging warcasters battling over the lands of Immoren.  Anyone who has played D&D, will probably like this; because of the fantasy elements.  There is also an element of Steampunk, with some of the Warjacks; powered by various types of steam engines.

Hordes on the other hand, has a very natural/naturalistic element to the game.  There are no iron clad warjacks, instead we have Warbeasts; goliaths of their races.  Like Warmachine, there is infantry and Warlocks who control the battlefield; as well as the warbeasts of their army.

So your probably wondering, can they fight each other: like Hordes and Warmachine?  Simple answer is ABSOLUTELY!  While the mechanics of Hordes and Warmachine differe slightly, they are essentially the same system; with game rules to govern both.

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