March Madness

Well I have 8 days now till the Tartan Brawl, the following week; I am up in Dundee for a 25pt Steamroller at Highlander Games.  With concentrating on the Brawl, I haven’t even thought about Dundee yet; so that will be my priority next week.

For now though, I am amusing myself with creating Malifaux Crews, that have nothing to do with ‘Must Have Models’.  See that term has always rankled my chains, as it implies to even be able to play the game; you must have them.  I bought Kirai crew, yet all I keep hearing is ‘must have Seishin’. Will the world end, if I don’t put more on the board? No, the worst that will happen is that I get beat.  The most likely result though, is that I challenge myself, have fun and walk away happy; with the dignity of knowing I am not a sheep following the herd.

So here is a crew, I think would look awesome on the board; to hell with synergy or winning.  Here is my Eastern Promise 30ss Kirai crew.

Ressurectionists Crew – 30 – Scrap

Kirai Ankoku — 3ss Pool

Datsue-Ba [7ss]
Gaki [3ss]
Jaakuna Ubume [5ss] *Yes I know this isn’t released yet*
Misaki [8ss]
Onryo [5ss]
Seishin [2ss] *OMG only 1, I am so gonna get beat now*


I’ve not posted in a while as I have fingers in a lot of pies just now.  The main one is getting ready for the tournament at Worlds at War, this Sunday; which will be a 35pt Divide and Conquer Steamroller.  We actually have a full house this time, which is always a good thing.  It bodes well for one of the other projects that I am working on for later on in the year.  More about that nearer the time.

Another project is a painting commission for the local Henchman, who wants some models painted for prizes.  I’ve nearly finished one of them, which I am actually enjoying painting.  Still about an hour or so to finish it completely, but the most of it is done.

Lastly, is the project I have for this weekend.  Can you tell what it is yet?

Yep, my WIP Throne of Everblight.  Not really, this is Vallejo grit/sand texture paste; when it has just been spread over something.  In this case, it is a 40mm base, screwed onto a wooden dowel; then screwed onto a 50mm base.  Simple and quick plinth for a model to go on.  And here is the model…

All will be revealed on Sunday, when some lucky soul will get this Masterpiece work of art for their trophy cabinet.

Skirmish 2012

It seems very little time, that I was talking about this last year.  Yet already the plans are in full swing for 2012, which is looking to be bigger than anything seen here so far.  The interest generated last year, despite short-term ‘marketing’ was incredible.  People left wanting more, so this year we are giving them more; by the bucket load.

It is being called ‘Scotland Biggest Participation Event’, which basically means it won’t be a demo show like many events already held in Scotland.  To this end, there has already been confirmed –

It was great that Livingston Battleground, the wargaming club organising Skirmish; were able to work out a deal to extend the opening time.  Last year, we had to be out by about 5.30pm; this year we have until 7.30pm.  This has allowed me to increase the point size, as well as increase the potential numbers.  This could help to bring in players, who prefer larger points value tournaments.

My initial plan this year was to expand on last year gradually; as I am not sure what kind of distance people would travel for this.  However, if players from England or further afield wanted to come that would be awesome.  With more time to prepare, I already have plans in the works for better trophies (though last years were fantastic); plus  something a little different for this year.

Don’t panic though, Skirmish 2012 is to held on 20th October 2012.  So you have plenty of time, on the other hand; my head is abuzz with ideas that seem daunting to say the least.  Whatever happens, WM/H in Scotland will be firmly planted on the PP tournament map this year.

2011 TGN Readers Choice Awards

As a member of this great site, I thought I would let everyone know about their awards.  This year there are 7 categories, which cover all aspects of Tabletop gaming.

You will need to sign up to the Forums, before you can nominate. However, if there is a game/model/accessory; that you feel deserves recognition this is a good time to do it.

2011 TGN Readers Choice Awards

My nominations for this will be as follows –

  • Sci-fi Model – I’ve not played or bought anything, so will miss this one out.
  • Fantasy Model – Lord Exhumator Scaverous.  Wtf? I hear you cry.  Well to be honest, I didn’t like any of the Battle Engines. Most people like the Celestial Fulcrum, which I agree out of them all is ok; with perhaps the Storm Strider the peoples 2nd choice.  For me, Scaverous was the most unique model from both Wrath and Domination.  That is why he stands out for me.
  • Alternate Fantasy – Kirai Ankoku.  Malifaux to me is Alternate Historical Timeline, much in the same vein as Cyberpunk is an alternate future RPG.
  • Historical – Don’t play, no idea
  • Terrain and/or Accessory – Another one I won’t need.
  • Rules or Expansion – Hordes: Domination.
  • Vehicle – I’d nominate my car, but I don’t quiet think that would count.  So another one I will leave.

Got any other suggestions, then follow the link and get nominating.

RIP #Malifaux

No, Wyrd haven’t shut down or died; though they have lost me as a dedicated player.  Those of you who follow this blog know, I initially bought the Kirai crew; mostly because I loved the models (yes pictures soon).

Played a couple of games, got the feel of her and liked it.  Later found out, in the starter box; she has less than half of the models she needs.  No extra Seishin, no Gaki; even though spells and abilities allow her to generate them.  That to me is like cutting my arm off, then trying to grow it back again.  Next up Viktoria’s starter, now to be fair I do like this crew; of all the ones I have seen or played.  However, the coup de grace of this whole thing; is Pandora specifically the Pacify/Incite (0) Action.

For Warmachine players, think of pGaspy or any caster/lock with Teleport; doing the following in one activation.  Walk them forward within 12″ of an enemy model, for free you get to do 1 point of damage; if you beat their ARM.  If you do, you get to move another 4″; but you also stop that model from activating until all models have activated.  As Pacify was successful, you can use it again.  Oh look you’re within 12″ of another enemy model, hit them with the same thing.  Now cast Self Loathing, add another POW * + 1 (POW of best melee weapon +1 for failed Wp resist dual) damage roll to that; as they hit themselves with their own weapon. Move another 4″, hit another model; this time with Dementia (Command Check 13+ is needed to activate); plus they take 1 damage for failing the Pacify duel and 1 for Dementia failed Wp resist duel.

Not finished yet, as Pandora is a Casting Expert, she gets to cast a spell for free.  So back to the move 4″, hit another model with Pacify; success so lets cast something different just to really make the game fun for my newbie opponent.  Hit them with Trapped in Your Own Nightmare, now all your models without Fearless (immunity to Abomination); with 12″ (not 6″) have to make a command check.  In the case of Viktoria’s crew, that would be all but Taelor.  Oh and just to finish this off, as you won a Wp duel with Pacify; you get to move 4″ again.  Yay, now it’s my opponents activation again. Who hopefully by now is crying salty bitter tears of frustration, as there is nothing they can do to counter it.

Remember these crews are straight out of the box, no additional models should be needed to beat this Pandora crew.  Yet the advice given to me on the forums, was buy this model or switch to another Crew; or even just space the models out more.  Really, on a 3′ x 3′ board; how far should I leave between 6 models if I need 12.1″ to be safe?  At best, Malifaux will be a once a year game for me now.  My friend Mark mistakenly called it right, in error he called it Malifux; I seem to agree with him right about now.