Kirai Completed

1am, but I have finally got done with Kirai.  I would probably have finished sooner, but I was out most of the day; plus I was getting my usual anally retentive Mr Perfection over the model.

It’s not often that I spent time on one model, especially when I have a backlog. However, I have been looking forward to painting this crew for over a month.  So to do those extra touches doesn’t phase me that much.  So here is a couple of quick photo’s I took, which the colours look a little washed out.

Away from painting…..

In other news, I have learned that Battleground my local club; will be starting up a Friday night session.  As of the 18th November, Battleground will be open Friday night and Saturday morning.  This means that larger games will now be possible, as there will be no need to stop the game.

The other good news, is that this weekend starts the first of the Anniversary activities at Worlds at War.  Kicking off with a Demo Weekend, the shop will be host to a variety of games that local gamers want to show off.  From wargames to card games, any game could be on offer.  There is already confirmed WM/H (naturally), Flames of War, Malifaux, Munchkin, Battlefleet Gothic and Warfleet.  Warfleet is the game created by Battleground Livingston, for their annual show Skirmish.  All in all, this next few weeks will be a busy time for the shop; with new and old gamers getting to grips with lots of games.

Tartan Skirmish Radio????


Anyone hear of this?  Seems there is a new podcast coming that will be focusing on Skirmish games, like Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Infinity and possibly even the newest bad boy – Bushido.

Bringing news and reviews, from the world of small scale skirmish gaming. Tartan Skirmish Radio will also give a Scottish perspective, on the growing gaming scene in Scotland; from small clubs to big events.

Now if only they could get their hands on some Bushido, before the first show?