Worlds Gaming Day Update

Next Sunday is the Worlds Gaming Day, which is approaching at a fast rate of knots.  First up, is that tickets are no longer available for this event.  With an average of 18 players in all three tournaments, it’s going to be a busy day.

Another thing that is still ongoing, is prize support/donations to the event; which we have just had another fantastic donation from KR Multicase.  I can attest to the quality of these cases, having had an Aquila one for nearly 2 years.  It was my main WM/H for a long while, until the models acquired outgrew the case itself.  That isn’t to say it is sitting gathering dust though, it is still being used weekly, to transport primed/semi painted minis to the shop or the club.  With the softer foam, it doesn’t rub off the paint; so I don’t need to keep retouching the paint.

So with support from Worlds at WarFlorian Stitz and Privateer Press, this event is shaping up to be a great day for everyone.


Ok, you’re probably thinking I have finally lost it.  What has buses got to do with WM/H?  Well it’s all to do with the old say “If you wait long enough, three will come along”, or at least something like that anyway.

Having just finished the April Annihilation event, I am now working feverishly on the Worlds Gaming Day event.  As this is a charity event, I have started to look for donations for a raffle or something similar; so we can raise even more money for the chosen charity of the British Legion.  Only just started today, but already we have a donation offer from someone; who we will reveal shortly.

There is still time to get tickets for this event, no matter what system you play; as there is going to be Flames of War, Warmachine/Hordes and WH 40K.  Just head over to the Worlds at War website for more details.