April Annihilation

Tomorrow sees tournaments back at Worlds at War, with the April Annihilation.  Originally a 16 player tournament, it is now a 12 player tournament’ due to changes in the shop.  With the previously mentioned health problems, this has kind of crept up on me.  Thankfully everything should be all set, without too much issues.

We also like a few previous tournaments, have some new people coming along; which is always a great thing.  I am really looking forward to it now, so I better get cracking on some last minute preparations.

Bat Rep – eDenny v Xerxis (35pts)

Well after some smack talking on Facebook, Jonathan and I got down to the business of duelling it out on the field of battle.  I had no set plan for the force I would take, other than running eDenny.

  • eDenny
  • Nightmare
  • Nightwretch
  • Skarlock Thrall
  • Warwitch Siren
  • McThralls (min)
  • Bile Thralls (min)
  • Bane Thralls (min)
  • Blackbanes (min)

One of my key elements in this game, was to get faster activations.  It has been one of my killers in tournaments, so to this end I found moving one model the full distance; the rest approximated the required distance (given terrain/other models).  That doesn’t mean cheating on the distance, your first model moved gives you the maximum distance you can move; so as long as you don’t go past that it should be fine.  Ones going through terrain, I usually did measure fully; just so my opponent saw it.

Anyway to battle…..I deployed first, thanks to my usual bad dice rolls.  Standard formation of McThralls (front), Biles (middle) and Banes (back) one behind the other.  eDenny and jacks deployed to the right of the infantry, one Nightwretch and Blackbanes on the left flank.  Solos on the right flank to help support that flank against the massed Skorne army.

  • Tyrant Xerxis
  • Titan Gladiator
  • Molik Karn
  • Aptimus Marketh
  • Paingiver Beast Handlers
  • Praetorian Swordsmen (full + UA)
  • Nihilators (full)

The infantry I wasn’t too worried about, which turned out to be the case; which was slowly eroded away by waves of McThralls/Biles/Banes.  Plus a few good shots from the Nightwretchs in turn 2.  My biggest concern was Molik Karn, which I wanted to avoid at all costs.  Putting Pursuit on Karn early doors, helped a lot; as I meant I could keep Denny one step away from him; or get the Nightmare in closer.  Another saving grace was Incorporeal, which was great on feat turn.  Denny charged Karn placing (Dark Banishment) him right in front of Xerxis to stop the counter charge with magic weapons.  Without the feat, Denny was wide open for the assassination; having charged into the middle of the hornet’s nest.

From there, it was hit and run/incorporeal tactics with Denny, having lost both Nightwretches and the Nightmare.  One Bane and 3 Blackbanes left, who actually managed to hit Xerxis; setting him on fire.  In the end, Xerxis was consumed in a firey ball of screaming death; after Denny took him to one point of health and placed him 5 inches away with Dark Banishment.

A thoroughly enjoyable game, with an opponent that can give as good as he takes.  I look forward to the rematch, maybe even tomorrow; a win for my birthday would be appropriate.

Dates for Diaries

I thought March was busy, April and May are going to be mental.

April 21st – April Annihilation.  A 35pt SR2012 event at Worlds at War, Livingston.  There is space for 16 players, but this may well be the last 16 player tournament held in the shop.  Frank the owner has done a lot for the WM/H (and general gaming) in the area, but now feels he needs to cater to the needs of the business better.  With the closure of the local GW shop, he is looking to help those players out by stocking a small amount of their gaming needs.  This means cutting back on the gaming tables, to make room for some changes.  Next Worlds at War tournament will most likely be 12 players max.

May 6th – Chaos of the Warp 3.  CotW started in December 2011, to bring a more fun side to the game of 40K.  Since then, they have run several tournaments, which they are now expanding out to other systems.  CotW 3 will include Warmachine/Hordes, where I will be running a 35pt SR2012 (2 list Divide & Conquer) event.  Space is limited to 10 spaces, but players can buy tickets in advance ahead of time at the Cotw website.

Last up the big one….

20th May – Worlds Game Day. Worlds at War will be combining Flames of War and WM/H into one event.  Running tournaments of both on the same day, in some really nice surroundings at Howden Park Centre.  If you would like tickets, they should be bought in advance from the shop website (Worlds at War).  For those interested in the WM/H section, it will be as follows:

Date – 20th May 2012
Players Spaces – up to 32
No. of Rounds – 4 Rounds (up to 16 players)
5 Round (16+ Players)

Round 1 – 35 pts
Round 2 – 35 pts
Round 3 – 35 pts
Round 4 – 35 pts (16+ Players) or 50 pts (less than 16 players)
Round 5 – 50 pts (16+ Players ONLY)

For all rounds of 35 pts, you will require 2 lists, under the standard SR 2012 (Character Restrictions apply).

For the final 50 pts, there is only ONE list needed. This army does NOT need to meet Character Restriction criteria. This is an all or nothing last game, so choose your army wisely.

As I said, this is going to be a massive day for all concerned; not just the organising of it.  I should also point out, all profits from ticket sales, etc will be going to the British Legion.  Prize support is coming from both Worlds at War or from donations of prizes.   It is hoped these events will be bi-annual; but we will see how this one goes first.  Depending on demand, Frank has also been talking about adding in either 40K or Malifaux as well.

Warmahorde Worlds Event

Frank, our local mad gaming store owner (has to mad, he lets me in the shop); asked me about the possibility of running a combined event with Flames of War.  Now while the prospect of a Deathjack mauling a Tiger tank, has certain appeal; this wasn’t what he meant.

So over the last month or so, we have been hunting out locations and working on ideas for the event.  Today we revealed our madness to the light of day.  On 20th May 2012, Worlds Gaming Day will be born.  Running at the same time, it will be a 24 player Flames of War tournament and a 36 player tournament.  It will be a charity event, with monies raised going to the British Legion.

For the Warmahorde Worlds side of things, I wanted something completely different.  Using SR2012, the following format will be used.

If there is less than 16 players – 4 rounds, more than 16 players – 5 rounds.

First 3 or 4 rounds (depending on numbers) will be 35 pts, character restricted; with two army lists.  The final round (round 4 or 5), will be ONE (1) 50pt,  non-character restricted list.  This means players can use anything they like, in an All or Nothing last game.  This will be a big step up for me, but I am already looking forward to it.

#Malifaux – Student of Conflict

I was asked by David (Coin and Carnage), to paint two Students of Conflict for him.  They were to be used for an up and coming event in March, called Into the Breach (@ Worlds at War)

I’ve already posted up pics of the first one, this is the second one that I have done.  The remit was, “Paint one for the event and paint one, as if it was for yourself”; sadly this is the wrong thing to say to me.  First of all colour choices would always, always be red and black.  Secondly, I wasn’t sure which model he would use; so the paint job is actually better than any I would paint for myself.  Anyway, now that these are done, I can move on to the PG exchange models; which should have arrived today.

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