Links to YOUR site?

I’m going to open up the blog to links from any manufacturer, store or blog; that would like a link from my blog to their site.  If you have a banner or logo you want displayed as well, feel free to email it to me at

Scams/Spam/Porn is not acceptable, though bribes of miniatures/products are always welcome….for reviewing on the blog of course.  Just like to add I’ve just added a link to Volt Ron’s blog, which I have to admit I hate him for getting to paint with Meg Maples.

Big Thank You

I have never been one for stats and figures, they either confuse me; or just put me to sleep.  However in the 7 months that I have had this blog going, I have had a total of 5,876 visitors to the site.  Now I am not sure, if they are unique visitors; but to all those people who have read this blog – I thank you.

I even went through the 200 post mark, without realising it; that is how attentive I am to the stats/figures.  My joy comes in sharing my journeys, occasionally getting readers responding to something I post.  So with 2011, drawing to a close soon; what can we expect for 2012?  Hopefully lots more of the same, plus lots of new things; to add a little variety to the mix.

So to everyone one, have a great holiday season; may the New Year bring you all you hope.