Product Promotion

Now being a PG, some might say that I hate the competition; especially one in particular.  This isn’t true, GW have been a staple of the British high street for over 30 years.  They have brought many Warmachine/Hordes players into the world of gaming and will do for many more years…..hopefully.

I say hopefully, as I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting pics on Facebook; of the new 40k models and one thing struck me just now….the pictures look shit.  Now I don’t mean the models themselves, before all you GW fans break your knees jerking them; I meant photo composition wise.

They show you bugger all of the model; except some hazy outline with splashes of colour.  They are usually multiples of models, instead of a single shot of one model in high detail. One picture I saw, was of giant blue oversized power armour, that had an intense bright light shining through the legs; like his genitals were on fire.  So GW, a little advice from a complete noob like me.  If your going to highlight your products, at least make the effort to show your craft in the best possible light….not through the genitals.


Slow and Steady #PP

Well I finally got to work on the PG exchange models, well one of them at least.  I am not having a good time of it really, I keep having flashbacks to the days of putting the Nyss Hunters together.  All spindly arms and a ton of super glue.

There is one good thing I have learned from the Nyss though, that is how to drill small pieces.  I think I might need to get some new grey stuff/green stuff, as I managed to hold the arms in place; long enough (over 24 hours) for me to drill carefully through to pin them.  Then picking the grey stuff off, I just pinned and superglued in place.  It’s made the whole job a little easier, as I am not needing 5 pairs of hands to hold, drill and keep it steady.  One down, just one more to do; bring on the metal music……metal mini’s see what I did there….oh never mind.