Preview – Jarl Skald, Devil of Thornwood

Privateer Press, have just previewed a new Warlock model for Trollbloods – Jarl Skald, Devil of Thornwood.

Jarl Skuld is an infamous bandit and highwayman who has become an unlikely guerilla leader among the desperate trollkin remaining in the Thornwood. A skilled gunfighter, Skuld uses a pair of customized, rune-scribed pistols to deadly effect. With lightning raids and devastating ambushes against Cryx, Khador, and other enemies of his people, Jarl Skuld has truly earned the moniker “Devil of the Thornwood.”

From this fluff, he will obviously be ranged, with perhaps a single very weak melee attack. Given the ‘ambushes’ he will probably have Pathfinder, with perhaps Hunter as well. It would be nice for him to have Stealth, but I think that would be too much.

Spell list, could well include Snipe or some form of buff for ranged attacks. Possibly a trigger on his guns, providing additional attacks/dice; like Hunters Mark.

Over all I am liking the look of this model, will be worthwhile looking at the stats; but I can see him working out well.