Demo Weekend

Well that is it, at least for me anyway.  It’s been a hard weekend, which I don’t want to repeat the bad parts.  However, the hard work has been worth it, with several new people interested in WM/H.

Ok I admit that it wasn’t all work and no play, as I did get a couple of games in playtesting the beta version of SR2012.  Yep you read that right, Steamroller rules for 2012!  Just from reading through the rules, there are some very interesting changes; which will make tournaments better in my opinion.

I don’t think it would be revealing much, to say there are going to be new scenarios; as well as some changes to existing scenarios.  There are also going to be some new kinks to the scenarios, that just from playtesting; will make players think more about deployment v scenario strategy.  Something I felt SR2011 lacked, as it was generally free-for-all in the middle of the board.

Suffice to say, I am looking forward to running and playing in tournaments next year; once the tweaks have been made to SR2012.

Skirmish 2011 – WM/H Update

**Update** This will now officially be a 15pt Mangled Metal/Tooth & Claw event. This will mean only Warcasters/Warlocks and Warjacks/Warbeasts, NO units and NO Solo’s (also no Battle Engines).

There will be trophies for top 3 places, as well as the usual prizes. There is also going to be spot prizes given away, throughout the tournament; which could be for anything. It could be best painted Caster/Lock, having the funniest haircut, fastest caster kill or even bribing the TO with WM/H shinies.

The idea is to make this as fun and rewarding a tournament, for everyone; not just the winners.