@oconlon – Terrain

It was commented on twitter, by Owen; that there was little terrain on the WM/H and Flames of War boards.  Twitter being what it is, limits the kind of reply this question deserves.  I can’t comment on the Flames of War, but from all appearances; there is the usual amount on there.  I can only go by what I see played at Worlds at War, which the photo shows; what I normally see at the shop.

With regards to the WM/H, I agree the terrain wasn’t what we would normally have.  Worlds at War, brought all the terrain from the shop; which usually doesn’t run both FoW and WM/H on the same day.  So what is normally only used for one tournament, was split between two tournaments. Livingston Battleground also helped out, by loaning some of their terrain. Overall though, we are only really missing some hills and elevations.  There is another issue to consider, which I don’t think applies too other games – distance from control zone (CZ)/flag.  In tournaments that I have played (and run), terrain can’t be placed within 4″ of the flag/CZ.  Now I’ve checked SR2011, but can’t see anything there; so I am checking into this.  Anyway on the basis that this is right, this is what you get –

Terrain from last tournament at Worlds at War, notice the difference in what we have available.

A big corridor through the middle, where the templates take up nearly 14″; if you include the ‘no terrain’ zone around it.  Normally on a Tuesday night, this is what it looks like –

However Owen is right in pointing it out, that the terrain appears sparse. Especially through the middle, which as the Press Ganger; I should have noticed the terrain creeping further and further out.  Readjusted it after each game, then made whatever modifications were needed for the next scenario.  It’s something that I will now be aware of and deal with it in future events.

PP Terrain Contest

The contest this month was a great one, especially if you were Cryx.  The idea was to design a Cryxian or swamp based terrain piece.

Given the standard of the winning entries, it looks to have been a tough decision.  So to everyone who took part, well done and congratulations to the winners.

Winning entry  – Cryxian Bile Reservoir

DJ Cryx in da House

Ok rubbish title, but what can you expect; when I have been painting solidly for 6 hours.  Initially I had expected to take my time with the Deathjack, that has gone completely out the window.  That said, I have very little to show for the time I have put into it; well except this little picture.

Freehand artwork

This isn’t the finished product, in all honesty; I am so pleased with the final piece it is unreal.  Doing this little piece, has also served to give me a colour scheme I want.  Initially I had wanted black armour, hoping to learn how to highlight black armour.  My first attempts looked like a 3 year old had done it, not the look I was hoping for.  So Plan B, the usual plan that I revert to; make it up as I go along.  So far it’s working out, I have the carapace above finished; most other parts started.  Way things are going, I could potentially have the DJ finished within a week.  Total build and paint time – 3 1/2 weeks.

Maybe I could test it out on some new terrain I just came across.  I discovered a new UK company called Battleboards, which will shortly start producing very detailed terrain tiles, which look amazing.  2′ by 2′ modular boards, they are very high quality.  Ok they are a little more expensive, than others out there; but seriously the quality is worth it.  Check out their Facebook page to see examples – Battleboards on Facebook