I mentioned previously looking for scenic bases, partly for the Scottish Masters; but also for myself.  I’ve just placed an order with Bases4War, for some bases for the Scottish Masters.

I had contacted Ste about helping with the Scottish Masters, he kindly offered a 20% discount on anything in the store.  Rather than give one player the 20%, I’ve ordered a selection of the bases; with some extras to be given away as spot prizes throughout the day.

With Gen Con over, we should (hopefully) get word back on the logo design; so we can get the last pieces of this sorted.

Scottish Masters is Live!



About 30 minutes ago, the sales of tickets for the first Scottish Masters went on sale.  This has been some of the hardest work in a long while, mostly because of the short time constraints.  The biggest problem came from the payment system we are using, which will be Ranking HQ.

After wrestling with it for several hours, it finally got sorted and the event is now live on Ranking HQ.  While this is a Scottish event, we aren’t restricting this to just players from Scotland.  If the aim is to expand next year, players from further afield should be encouraged to come along.  Though they should be aware, this is only a one day event this year.

Details of the event can be found here at Ranking HQ


One of the traders at Claymore this weekend, is one that I use a lot for their MDF bases.  However that is not all they do, if you check out the Warbases website; you will find a myriad of goodies to enjoy.

I had spoken to Martin at Warbases, before going to Claymore; to see if he might be willing to help out with the Scottish Masters.   I had intended on buying some items for the Scottish Masters, small custom tokens for all the players to take away with them.  Getting the small matter of buying 50mm bases and tiny flyer movement tray (a godsend for Dystopian Wars) out the way, I asked about doing custom orders.  What started out as a small purchase, turned into a very generous contribution from Warbases.  Not only will they do the custom bases, they will also be giving some custom keyrings for each player.  We are still waiting on some design issues, but we hope to have a fixed design very soon.  Sadly with it being convention season, PP is swamped with prep for Gen Con, etc.

A big thank you to Martin and the family at Warbases, for their generous contribution to this event.


Common Ground Games

During my visit to Common Ground Games, there was number of things we needed to find out.  The first was to see the place in person, as photo’s and video even; can be deceptive.  The video below is how I first saw Common Ground Games

Looks good, but not as good as seeing it in person.  I took a couple of pics of the gaming space, which hopefully shows the size of it.


So if you fancy heading down for a game, or just to check out the shop; you can find it at

Common Ground Games
40 Cowane Street, Stirling, FK8 1JR

T: 01786 357414


Scottish Masters 2013

I am happy to announce, that Scotland will be holding it’s first Masters style tournament on 28th September 2013.  There is still a lot of work to do, in the 2 months we have to plan this, but we already have a great venue and really enthusiastic player base.

Until this year, there hasn’t been a big enough gaming venue in Scotland to run this kind of event.  Highlander Games, in Dundee regularly has 20 – 25 players at their events.  This was about the limit, without going to the extreme of hiring something.  Common Ground Games opened there doors in Stirling, offering a venue with twenty six 6′ x 4′ gaming spaces, with additional space open for CCG’s, Boardgames and any other games you could conceive.

With the assistance of all the PG’s in Scotland (Michael, Frazer, Est and myself), we hope to run a 32 player event.  Starting at 35pts in the first year (to keep it one day in length), we hope to work out any kinks or problems; that might crop up.  Then in 2014, with more time to plan; we will ramp it up to a full 64 players 2 day 50 pts Masters tournament.  This will hopefully offer another WM/H tournament into the UK calender, along side the other events like UK Nationals and Smogcon.  Between Scottish Masters, Warmachine: Tactics and all the events happening in Scotland; it’s a busy time for the PG’s right now…….and I am loving it!