Steamroller #PP

Well tomorrow sees the second tournament at Worlds at War, this time a 35pt event which to date is a complete sell out.  I’ll be honest, in saying that this has crept up on me; this week with all the work I have been doing to help Skirmish.

It hasn’t completely passed me by though, I have had time to do this to one of my poor Shredders.

Hopefully the winner of this lucky guy, will enjoy it as much as I had fun painting it.


Not been busy really, just plodding along with no real focus for my attention this week.

That said, I am close to finishing Maelock (photo’s to come),  plus I just played my first 100pt (lots of photo’s pending) over sessions.  When I get a chance this weekend, I will post up some photo’s of both.  In other news, it is just a week now till the Worlds at War Anniversary tournament.  First 50pt event I have run, with so far 14 players signed up; including Andy who writes the Steamworks blog.

Worlds at War – 35pt Steamroller

This whole month has been hectic, with Deathjacks to tournaments back to back.  Sadly last week took it’s toll on me, pushing myself too hard; I suffered some problems this week.

That wasn’t going to stop me, running the event at Worlds at War this weekend.  Resting as much as possible, I am ready for Saturday; raring to go. It’s the first event that we have managed 16 available places, a testament to the hard work of Frank at Worlds at War.  Despite cancellations that dropped us to 13 players at one point, we are now back up to 15.  The biggest thing for me, is that about half of them are local players; which makes me as the unofficial Press Ganger for the area the happiest person possible.  From the first event at Worlds at War, I wanted the events to be fun; but also rewarding for everyone.  I think given the numbers attending, first impressions counted for a lot; now I just have to keep the momentum going.