The Kraken has Awoken……

Ok so that line is getting worn thin, so shoot me…..

Yep I got the Cryx Colossal at Christmas, my one gift from my family that I begged them to club together and get me. It’s not even built yet, but when I get around to it; I will be blogging it.

Now all I need to do, is work my begging magic; to get the Archangel for my birthday in April….


*All pictures copyright to Privateer Press and used only for illustration purposes; of how bad ass this model looks *grins*

I Be Painting…..

Yep, the painting bug has returned. Now that the fun projects are out of the way, I can get back to my usual WM/H painting. Though having said that, I seem to have taken up a new game; something called Dystopian Wars?

There are a number of players now at Worlds at War, so seeing as I am putting Malifuax to bed; I need something to take it’s place. Frank the owner of Worlds, offered to give me a demo; which is always fatal for me. So the following week I walked out with the Russian Coalition Naval starter set.

In between another (super secret project), I am painting them slowly for a tournament on the 9th February. Yes 2 games into the game and I am up for a tournament, what can I say; I love to challenge myself. Anyway, here are the first pics of the Tiny Flyers, with sea and basecoat of Vallejo (Model Colour) Medium Sea Grey.

 photo IMAG0713.jpg

 photo IMAG0712.jpg