Demo Weekend – 12th & 13th November

As part of the anniversary month at Worlds at War, they have arranged a demonstration weekend.  I’ll be on hand both days to show off Warmachine/Hordes, while David will be there demonstrating Malifaux.  We are also hoping to have Pyre Studio’s on one of the days,  showing of a couple of their games.  In my own interests I am looking for them to bring Bushido; which they now stock.  I’ll get those Bushido models finished, I will; before next weekend too.

Anyway, Livingston Battleground are looking at bringing down their new game Warfleet, as well as Battlefleet Gothic.  There will hopefully be Urban Wars along; to show off the revised and updated version of this game.  We should also have space for gamers themselves to bring down games, to show off or teach others the basics.  The point of the weekend, is to bring together gamers; perhaps even show them there are other games out there to try.


Malifaux Commissions

Not had time to post these last few days, as I have had some time sensitive commissions for the weekend to be completed.  On Tuesday, I was given two Cyclops Savages from the Skorne Warpack to pin and assemble.  Later I was asked to paint two of the Malifaux models, being used for a demo table at Skirmish this weekend.

In some ways the Savages were the easier of the two, as it was just assembly; no painting required.  That said, I find it very difficult to hold three pieces in place; while trying to make sure they line up correctly.  I appreciate costs and ease of manufacture, but I hate with a passion; having two arms and a weapon as separate pieces.

Anyway it’s done and they are happy with the results.  That was Tuesday night, Wednesday and Thursday was painting Nicodem and Mortimer from Malifaux.  While I love doing display level models, they are time-consuming; for me personally.  I am sadly a perfectionist, also very critical of my work.  I am not happy with the complete look of Mortimer, though the painting is good.  Nicodem on the other hand, is great; I loved painting this one.

I’ve uploaded the pictures to Battle Dragon’s Photobucket account, the photo’s as usual don’t help; so if you fancy looking at them in person.  They will be on display at Skirmish this weekend.

Small Scale Skirmish

In a fit of industrious researching, I decided to hunt down as many small-scale skirmish games; as I could in 30 minutes.  To me the criteria for a small-scale skirmish game is this –

  1. Requires no more than 6 models to get started.
  2. The manufacturer produces more than one faction/nation/etc, with box set for each faction or the equivalent in a 2 player boxset.
  3. The game has an ability to ‘jump straight in’, without exceeding the £30 limit in criteria 4.
  4. Boxsets are priced within £30 or individual model equivalent of the same price.
  5. Quick Start Rules supplied either free online or in a starter boxset.
  6. Can be played in under 2 hours
  7. The army sizes are scalable to suit the players needs or desires.
With this in mind, as well as my position as a Press Ganger; I know Warmachine and Hordes qualify outright.  So what else is there, this is what I found in time I gave myself.
Fantasy –
Malifaux – Wyrd Miniatures
Bushido – GCT Studios
Freebooter’s Fate – Freebooter Miniatures
Anima Tactics – Fantasy Flight Games
Hell Dorado – Cipher Studios
Sci-Fi –
Battletech – Catalyst Game Labs
Heavy Gear Arena – Dream Pod 9
Firestorm Armada – Spartan Games
MERCS – Dynamic Gaming Miniatures
Infinity – Corvus Belli
Warlands & Rezolution – Aberrant Games
Elfball – Impact Miniatures
Dystopian Wars & Uncharted Seas – Spartan Games
I have included Battletech, as the recent 25th Anniversary boxset does meet the criteria I set.  The other one is Dust Tactics, while there are only two factions (Allies/Axis) the boxset does contain all you need to get started. What about the price, I hear you crying.  Dust Tactics boxset is nearly £60, but considering you get two armies; this works out with the criteria equivalent of £30 per army.
I am sure there are many more out there, so if you know of them; let me know.  30 minutes isn’t long, but if your willing to put the time into it; you can find a whole host of games to try.

Tartan Skirmish Radio

About a month ago, I mentioned this podcast; which I am working on with David.  Well through various delays and complications, we have finally got the first episode out there.  This was recorded about a month ago, hence why there is some parts that appear out of date.  That said, we hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave feedback and comments.  If there is anyone looking to promote an event or particular game; contact me on or at

Tartan Skirmish Radio