Too Quiet

Yep I have been way too quiet recently, there must be trouble brewing. Actually, it’s more a case of getting my priorities straight; in respect to my personal life.

For the last few months, things have been getting a little one-sided; when it came to gaming and family.  I was eating, living and breathing gaming nearly 24/7; which naturally caused me to neglect family.  So for the last few weeks, I have been getting things back on track; with my family becoming more important again.  Add into this, I would say a little life evaluation has been going on.  Trying to decide what is really important to me in life and what is just pointless.

In the spirit of this, I have begun working on a project with my wife; through her Second Life adventures.  Where I help her develop and grow her fashion blog, as well as becoming de facto proof reader and editor.  So if you see a blog post by Hairy Caber on her site, I haven’t gone soft in the head.  Now that is started and underway, I can now push up the throttle on gaming again; though it won’t be Full Steam Ahead this time.

Geek Speak

Logo from the video game Second Life

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The day is nearly over and I have yet to Speak Out about my Geek.  I guess one of my other geek hobbies, is computers; which I have built and maintained many over the years.  I have been into computers, longer than I have been gaming; as my step-dad used to work for IBM.  I think it is from him, that I find this distain for all things console.  I feel they are just a child’s toy; compared to the power of a good computer.

Just yesterday, I upgraded the memory in my wife’s laptop; so she can make Second Life better.  She also does graphics work, with pictures she takes in-world in Second Life.  So I get to use my geekiness, to make her geekiness even better.  I used to run around Second Life as well, for about a year; it was great for doing my other hobby – Role Playing.  Using the in-system VoiP, made it even better; as it made it seem like a regular gaming session.

Overall, I would be lost without my computer.  It allows me to do so many things, as well as made me many friends over the years.  So to all the computer geeks out there……

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