PP Insider 10-31-2011 #Warmachine

If your reading this blog, naturally you have an interest in wargaming or gaming in general.  I’ve been doing gaming for many year, but there is always new things to learn; or tricks that make our experience better.

Privateer Press Insider for today, is all about model building; something I have had many frustrating times with.  The model used for this is Lord Exhumator Scaverous, which I have built and actually blogged on this site way back in June.  So to see the professionals do it, was not only brilliant; but showed me a few tricks that I will be using in future.

The first thing I learned was Bone Pinning, something that I had not thought to do.  The reason I never thought of it, was aesthetics and making more work than necessary.  The thought of drilling right through a piece, makes me cringe even thinking about it; it goes against everything I believe.  Seeing the professionals do it, makes me question my irrationality.

The second part is simply Blue Tack.  Sticking a dod of blue tack on the rod, before cutting, is one of those simple ideas; you think your an idiot you didn’t think of it before.  So now I am off to source some blue tack and a dunces cap, seems I will be wearing it for a while.

The Hairy Caber – Scaverous Build

Part 1 & Pt 2

A bit lax….

Logging in, I noticed that the last post was at the beginning of July.  I have intended to be posting more on this blog, than I used to on Posterous.  That is not to say that I haven’t been busy.  Things have just been a little off kilter recently, mostly due to personal and financial issues.  I have been playing though and getting things organized for the tournament in August.

I’m really pleased with the August tourny actually, we already have the maximum 16 players.  Even if we get cancellations, there are others willing to step in.  It just goes to show, that a good first event; can make all the difference.  Our first real tournament was in April, at the time we managed 10 players.  It was a really good day, with some great games and prizes on offer.  Here’s hoping the next one is as successful, as I will be running it this time.

Casual play is going well too, with our Thursday Casual Play; getting between 6 – 8 players a week.  Sadly I have come to the conclusion, that I am not a casual player.  I prefer scenario play that comes with a tournament, the sad part; is I am unlikely to play in a tournament in a long while.

Finally, I have just bought my Deathjack.  Yes a Cryx player for over a year, yet I am only just getting the Killing Machine of Death.  Part of the reason is cost, the other; was that I didn’t think he was worth putting with any of the casters I had.  In recent weeks I have learned differently, especially as DJ is an auto-include in any Scaverous list I run now.  The fact the DJ can cast Telekinesis (TK), before he charges/slams/throws; is just brutal.  Made even worse, as he doesn’t even need focus allocated to do it.  Skulls of Hate give him automatic 2 focus, which is enough for TK (twice in feat turn).

Anyway, I get carried away when I start talking Scavvy/DJ combo’s.  Suffice to say, I am enjoying what games I am managing.  Till next time.

Battle Report – Cryx v Cryx (01/07)

On Thursday, I got to finally run Scaverous in a game.  I actually got two games at the shop, first against Cygnar (Stuart); then against Retribution (Jonathan). The 25pt force I ran for both games was this:

  • Scaverous
  • Ripjaw
  • McThralls
  • Bile Thralls
  • Bane Thralls
  • Bloodgorgers
  • Ragman
  • Warwitch Siren
  • Skarlock Thrall
The problem I found with this list, is that there isn’t enough arc-nodes. Scaverous has some great spells, like Excarnate and Death Ward.  I just found he was getting too close to the front line, without arc-nodes.  So for the 35pt game agaisnt Mark, running Cryx; I changed it around a little.
  • Scaverous
  • Harrower (Proxied)
  • Ripjaw
  • Ripjaw
  • McThralls (Min Unit)
  • Bane Thralls (Min Unit)
  • BL Tartarus
  • Warwitch Siren
  • Gorman Di Wulfe
  • Ragman
  • Skarlock Thrall
Against this, Mark ran
  • pGoreshade
  • Deathjack
  • McThralls (Full)
  • Bane Thralls (Full) + UA
  • Revenant Crew (Min Unit)
  • Bile Thralls (Min Unit)
  • BL Tartarus
  • Machine Wraith
  • Capt Rengrave
My plan, given the problems against Cygnar/Retribution; was to keep the Ripjaws defensive; keeping the arc-nodes mobile behind the front line.  First turn I ran both the McThralls and one Ripjaw, casting Dark Ward on the McThralls to give them DEF 14.  This actually served me well, as almost till the last turn; there was one stubborn McThrall fighting hard at the end. In hindsight, I should have used Death Ward on the Ripjaws; giving them DEF 17.  With Armour Piercing attacks, the pair of them could have ripped the Deathjack apart themselves.  As it was, the McThralls managed to do some damage; with the Bane Thralls helping along the way.
The tides of battle though, were going against me.  Mostly because Mark kept using Mage Blight.  With this and the fact that half of Scaverous’ spells target living models; it was crippling me badly.  As we were both using some new models, or proxying others; there were mistakes on both sides.  The Harrower was poorly used, as I forgot Ghost Shot.  Which could have helped clear up the Banes on the left side of the board.  Instead I used Ghostly on a Ripjaw, which charged Mark’s Tartarus through a wall.  The Ripjaw was subsequently ripped apart by Banes and UA.  The other Ripjaw was the victim of a ghost in the machine.  The Machine Wraith was more of an inconvenience, then a real threat; being expelled from the Ripjaw and later the Harrower.
I think the biggest mistake Mark made, was using Soul Gate on his Deathjack (DJ).  He removed a Bane Thrall near Scaverous, to move DJ within charge range of Scaverous.  Problem was, Soul Gate doesn’t allow the jack to activate; so it was easy pray for Scaverous.  While Scaverous is not a melee caster, with help he can be devastating.  On my turn, Ripjaw turned on the DJ; crippling the movement.  Base DEF 7 on the DJ, which was only compounded by Gorman Di Wulfe throwing Black Oil on it (DEF 3 now).  All Scav had to do was charge, two attacks both boosted damage; one dead Deathjack.
On the other side of the board, Ragman and the one remaining McThrall; were running the Revenant Crew ragged.  After they had gone, there was little else I could do.  I had Scaverous, Harrower and Ripjaw left; with little offensively I could do against Goreshade and his feat Banes.  It was a great game, that I learned a lot about Scaverous.
Conclusions about Scaverous –
  • Scaverous is not going to win battles against Cryx, he is just too dependent on living models.
  • Need more Arc-Nodes!!!!
  • Undead or Magic Shutdown opponents will cripple Scaverous, if you can; field someone else like pGoreshade.
  • Machine Wraiths are nice, but with Scaverous; Necrotechs would be a better 1 point choice.
  • Scav is perhaps the first warcaster, that I will actually build a theme force with.

Scaverous Build Pt 2

Sorry for the delay, I had a small matter of a Wrath Launch event to run at Worlds at War yesterday.  More of that later, as this is all about Scaverous.

I left off with the torso completed, but the arms and weapon still to be attached. As I’ve said previously, I find it difficult to deal with the two handed weapons. The worst ones are Nyss Hunters, due to their size and general fiddly parts. Just like all the other parts, it has been drilled on both sections; then pinned with copper rods. Gale Force 9, do a good kit for this; which contains rods drill and drill bits.  Generally I use superglue, though sometimes a two-part apoxy can work as well; though this requires time to set and cure.

I moved onto the shoulders next, drilling both sides; then the arm sections at the shoulder as above.  Like before, I put the pin into the main body, not the arm; as this allowed me better movement.  This was important, as I still had to line up two arms; with a weapon inbetween (as seen below).

Next step attach the weapon to one of the arms, other then gluing rods in place; none of it was attached to the main torso yet.  Using the left arm, this was quickly pinned to the shaft of the weapon.


Using the arms like levers, I was able then to adjust the weapon so it rested in the position I needed. Using a little piece of bluetac, it held the arm long enough for me to mark (white board markers work well) on the metal; where I needed to drill so it would line up exactly. You may have to twist and bend the shaft of the weapon slightly, as it may not be perfect first time.  I certainly had to bend it out (towards me), then twist the shaft (blade end) slightly downwards.

If everything goes to plan, it should all look like the above when it’s all finished.  The arms are attached to the weapon, but not yet glued to the torso.  I also left off the pauldorns  (shoulder armour plates), which will attach last.



Just to let you know, I jumped ahead a little; Scaverous is already painted since Part 1 of this tutorial. Lets just say, he ain’t painted the Privateer Press way.