Small Scale Skirmish

In a fit of industrious researching, I decided to hunt down as many small-scale skirmish games; as I could in 30 minutes.  To me the criteria for a small-scale skirmish game is this –

  1. Requires no more than 6 models to get started.
  2. The manufacturer produces more than one faction/nation/etc, with box set for each faction or the equivalent in a 2 player boxset.
  3. The game has an ability to ‘jump straight in’, without exceeding the £30 limit in criteria 4.
  4. Boxsets are priced within £30 or individual model equivalent of the same price.
  5. Quick Start Rules supplied either free online or in a starter boxset.
  6. Can be played in under 2 hours
  7. The army sizes are scalable to suit the players needs or desires.
With this in mind, as well as my position as a Press Ganger; I know Warmachine and Hordes qualify outright.  So what else is there, this is what I found in time I gave myself.
Fantasy –
Malifaux – Wyrd Miniatures
Bushido – GCT Studios
Freebooter’s Fate – Freebooter Miniatures
Anima Tactics – Fantasy Flight Games
Hell Dorado – Cipher Studios
Sci-Fi –
Battletech – Catalyst Game Labs
Heavy Gear Arena – Dream Pod 9
Firestorm Armada – Spartan Games
MERCS – Dynamic Gaming Miniatures
Infinity – Corvus Belli
Warlands & Rezolution – Aberrant Games
Elfball – Impact Miniatures
Dystopian Wars & Uncharted Seas – Spartan Games
I have included Battletech, as the recent 25th Anniversary boxset does meet the criteria I set.  The other one is Dust Tactics, while there are only two factions (Allies/Axis) the boxset does contain all you need to get started. What about the price, I hear you crying.  Dust Tactics boxset is nearly £60, but considering you get two armies; this works out with the criteria equivalent of £30 per army.
I am sure there are many more out there, so if you know of them; let me know.  30 minutes isn’t long, but if your willing to put the time into it; you can find a whole host of games to try.