All Happening

I got a delivery this morning of some Bushido models.  First impressions are amazement, amazed at how they crammed everything into a 4″x3″x1″ blister pack.

I’m going to do an unboxing, build and paint walkthrough later on, but I can see right off I am going to be straightening weapons.  Without actually opening the box, the mould lines are pretty clean; with one or two pieces of chaff to be trimmed off.

I appreciate GCT Studios are new, working on a budget; supplying everything needed (including dice) to play the game.  However packaging, is important; as it makes the first impression.  I hate to say this, but cramming everything into that small space; hasn’t worked for me personally.

Bushido Ordered

Samurai in complete armour

Image via Wikipedia

As the title states, I placed my order for a Bushido: The Game box set this morning.  I have decided on the Prefecturate of Ryu, as the first set I buy of this game.  The main reason for this, is I have always had a thing for Japan and particularly the Samurai.  It’s the only reason I got back into CCG’s, when I started playing Legend of the Five Rings.

It is my hope that Bushido, is a game that embodies everything I could ever want in a wargame.  Oriental based, small skirmish and fantastic models; with a rules set that looks easy to pick up.  So far it is ticking all those boxes, we will have to see what the end product is like; when it arrives in a few days.  I’ll be doing a box opening, when it arrives; blogging from delivery to fully painted set.

Samurai – Wargames Factory

Here is a 3D rendering of the upcoming Samurai set from Wargames Factory. I’ve had the good fortune to use some of this companies products, namely the Skeletons previously on my Deathjack base.

Given the quality of the skeleton castings, these Samurai could be something I would drool over quite happily; not to mention love the chance to paint.