Clearing out

A friend recently asked if I wanted to try out EvE Online, having heard him talking about it.  So with 21 days free trial, I thought why not.  Give me something to watch, while I am painting those models that are piling up.

18 GIG!!! Yep that is the disk space you need to install the game client.  So while it is a pain, it is a good thing to clear out the crap that builds up occasionally.  While doing this, I came across a background story I did for a character in Chill.  I will say it was influenced by a book I read, shortly before creating this background; but some might recognise it from a movie influence.  A small warning though, as Chill is a horror RPG; this is a little graphic.

I shall tell you of a story, a story of a man tormented by nightmares that have nothing of the imagination. Sebastian Campbell, 45 (Seb to his friends) grew up in Aberdeen; normal childhood and parents that loved him. On leaving school, he joined the police force; hoping to become an exemplary officer within the Grampian Police Force. Having reached the rank of Sergeant, it took only one incident to forever destroy his life and career.

It was a frosty and cold November morning, when Sgt. Seb Campbell attended what was reportedly a domestic disturbance in Dunbar St; near Aberdeen University. From the outside No 28 looked normal, apart from the couple of constables outside the property; there was nothing to hint at what lay inside. Going up the path towards the house, he took note of the PC’s at the door. Both looked ashen faced and shaking violently, one looked up from being sick; his uniform spotted in places. In his long career Seb, had attended many scenes of horror; what he found on entering the house was nothing to his previous experiences.


Even before he reached the threshold, there was a smell so foul it almost making him join the vomiting constable outside. Think of all the worst smells you know, putrefied meat, soured milk with a hint of weeks old bodily wastes; then double it. Forcing himself not to gag, he breathed shallowly as he moved from the hall to the left; into the sitting room. Finding nothing unusual throughout the lower floor; he made his way cautiously up the stairs.

Here the smell was even stronger, he nearly ran then; the smell was unbelievable. Hardly daring to breathe now, he entered the room on the right; what greeted him was to haunt him for the rest of his life. Seemingly suspended in mid-air, arms wide almost in benediction was a corpse. The body had been skinned completely, blood pooled beneath the suspended feet. As his mind was trying to assimilate all of this, the door to the room suddenly slammed shut; like the crack of a fired gun. Whirling around, he grabbed the handle, frantically trying to open the door. Now he was scared, the door refused to budge, his hands hammering on it; in a vain attempt to attract attention. A scream ripped from his throat, when a hand fell on his shoulder; blood smearing over his shoulders as he turned. Spinning around, his scream intensified as the skinless face was inches from his; eyeless sockets seeming to glow with an unnatural light. The whispering voice in is mind, almost drowned out by his own screaming.


“Kill me please, don’t let them get me” it pleaded, the eyeless sockets seeming to bore into Sebs mind with a force that stilled his pitiful sobs. Unable to look away, Seb watched as the body was suddenly yanked backwards like a rag doll; arms and legs flailing wildly in the air. Propelled across the room, the corpse screamed, heard only in Seb’s mind; it didn’t mask the sounds of bones snapping as the body became unnaturally contorted out of shape. As suddenly as it had started; the room became still again. Body twisted out of shape, the head looked up one last time; a plea for help seeming to form before an inhuman scream shattered whatever sanity Seb had left. Unable to look away, he saw the legs and arms ripped from the body first. Blood flying everywhere, the last screams of the victim ended abruptly, with the head being ripped violently from the body; landing not 2 feet in front of Seb.


Even before the rest of the pieces had fallen to the floor, Seb was running for the window; diving through and landing in a bloody heap in the garden of No 28 Dunbar Road. He wishes now, whatever it was had killed him on that day. His life couldn’t continue as it had done before, not when his best friend was a bottle of Grouse. Dismissed from the force, evicted and eventually drifting through life from one bottle to the next; he eventually found himself on the streets of Edinburgh. Perhaps his only hope of ending the nightmares was to find reasons for that day. It was a chance meeting with a Doctor that brought perhaps some kind of surcease to the torment.

Character Building or Evolution?

Normally my world and my wife’s rarely connect, but today she came across an article; that she thought I might like.

Gaming today, especially RPG’s are broken completely with Real Life.  That is what gamers want in some respects, to immerse themselves in their characters while they play; but do they really?

January Blues

Probably the residual effects of a really bad festive season, but I just can’t seem to get going at the moment.  Painting has stalled, I got my first game of Warmachine/Hordes, of 2012 on Tuesday and I just can’t get up the enthusiasm to get going on the tournament in a couple of weeks.

That said, the couple of games I played on Tuesday; have helped to buoy my spirits wonderfully.  First game, 35pt pGoreshade v pButcher; which was lost before we even started.  I haven’t run Goreshade in a long time, so when I pull out Nightwretches and Skarlock Thrall; it doesn’t trigger that I am wasting points.  It is that bad, it was half way through the game; when I remembered what pGore feat.  So I had to then dig out my Banes, ready to use them.  Suffice to say, Dave smashed me with his Man-O-War Shocktroopers.

I followed this up with a 25pt game of pMadrak v pMorghoul.  This was a lot of fun, even though I had a Titan Gladiator; pummel my Blitzer into the ground in one activation.  With just 2 Boomhowlers and Madrak to end the game, it was feat time.  Watching Madrak scythe his way through Nihilators and Pain Givers, to get to Morghoul; was awesome to watch.  I certainly didn’t forget the lesson, that I learned in Dundee last year; that you check models first before declaring activation ended.  As it was, Madrak didn’t kill Morghoul that turn, but it was close thing; with Madrak down to 1 pt of health after weathering Morghoul and Cyclops attacks.  Thank goodness for Grindar’s Scroll, that Scroll meant I was able to finish off Morghoul next turn.

If that wasn’t enough excitement, we kicked off a campaign; using the new Lord of the Rings RPG – The One Ring.  I’m playing a scholarly female Elf of Mirkwood, Miliana Starshine, in the company of 2 Dwarves and one Hobbit companions.  Yes you read that right, I am playing a female elf.  I think of it as the greater challenge in roleplaying, to play the opposite sex.  Hence, why most of my rpg characters have been female.  Plus it’s pretty funny, when innuendo’s start to fly about her sexuality (man trapped in a womans body, etc).  With Iron Kingdoms v2 coming this year, I am really looking forward to getting back into my RPG’s.

Bushido Update

I thought I better pull my finger out and get some sort of update done for this game.  I haven’t been idle in painting these miniatures, just not very productive recently.

After cleaning up the models, I primed them white.  Normally I use black primer, but as I am doing skin tones; I prefer white.  First up was Jin, the only female model in the group.  Not sure why, but I always like painting female figures.  Even my wife, says I paint them better than any of the male figures; of which she has claimed several of them (eEiryss and Taryn di la Rovissi).  As part of my plan for these models, I was trying to take pictures along the way.  Sadly this fell to the wayside, like the painting did.  However I did get this really nice photo, before I started painting.

From Jin I moved to Yoshio, which I have to admit; I didn’t enjoy painting. Perhaps compared to Jin, he is very static in the pose.  I think having him similar to Jin, might have been better.  My thought is casting costs, to keep the costs down; they made it as simple a design as possible.  Whatever it is, I think it; along with the anemia knocked my painting bug askew.

Next up was Hanso, which I haven’t quite finished yet.  For those of us that paint, there are moments when your busy painting and think WTF!  I had one of those moments with Hanso.  If anyone watches The Apprentice (UK), they will know what Lord Sugar looks like, well now I have Lord Sugar Hanso in my Bushido army.

Hanso has turned out to be a fairly easy job, with lots of big areas.  That said, as you can see I am coming up to the detailed parts and highlighting; so that will take time.  Overall I am happy with the progress, given health issues.  I am even more happy with the colour scheme, which is good considering I wasn’t being inspired at first.

So 3 models down, 2 to go.  Oh and Takashi’s head’s come off, thanks to my cat; thank you very much Pongo.

Nope wasn’t me!