Making an Impact

With luck next week will bring with it, not only the UK Nationals; but also something in the post.  I’ve been looking forward to this arriving for a long while now, as it takes me back to my childhood.

As it will hopefully arrive in time for July, I’ll be using them as my Painting Oath for that month.  So watch this space from what delights I will be painting soon, for now I’m going to go get the boxset to listen to as I paint.


Where it began

Just over two years ago, this was the scene in a small section of the exhibition hall at the UK Games Expo.


Some players might recognise Pash Odedra, Press Ganger for Privateer Press.  I am the one on the right, in the long sleeves; trying to take a photo of the demo table.  This was my very first taste of the game, which even then set the precedent of my WM/H journey; yep I lost.  A lot of the thanks for why I am still playing the game, goes to Pash; who showed such passion and enthusiasm for the game; it was infectious.  From the humble Cryx battlebox I bought on that day, I am now owner of over 140 pts of Cryx; as well as Khador, Trolls and Legion battleboxes.  That is more than I ever had playing Battletech, the only other game to keep my attention for longer than a few years.

With no diminishing of my desire for this game and Privateer Press in general, I foresee many more years of playing Warmachine and Hordes.

Good games

Went to the last Battleground before the summer break today, managing to fit in two really good games against Jonathan.  I like playing against Jonathan, as he has learned the game really well; better than me in a lot of ways.  He also knows his armies (Retribution and Skorne), very well, so playing against him tests me a lot.

Playing two games, we kicked off with my 35pt Morty list, as mentioned previously; against his 35pt Vyros list.

  • Vyros
  • Phoenix
  • Manticore
  • Mage Hunter Strike Force
  • Mage Hunter Commander
  • Dawnguard Sentinels + UA
  • Sylys Wyshnalyrr

It was a really close game, with the Deathjack munching his way through the Mage Hunters.  Assisted by the Stalkers and Sirens, it was looking to go my way.  Sadly, I got a little over confident and missed an Overrun movement; leaving Morty exposed to the charge of Vyros.  Even with two Free Strikes from Harrower and Warwitch Siren; they couldn’t quite take him out.  Morty dead in a couple of hits, having already taken damage from the Phoenix.

Second game, this time switching to Scavvy; against Xerxis.  Scavvy was running Tier 2 list, with 2 x McThralls + Necrosurgeon/Stitch Thralls.  2 x Nightwretch, 2 x Stalkers, 2 x Warwitch Sirens.  Jonathan had Xerxis, 2 Titan Gladiators, Nihilators, Cetratii and Cyclops Gladiator.  It was a protracted affair, with the McThralls basically slugging it out with anything that came in range.  I am a little disappointed with some things, but definitely need some improvements with this Caster; despite the last minute win.

Good mornings gaming, topped off with a quick couple of turns of Game of Thrones.

Character Building or Evolution?

Normally my world and my wife’s rarely connect, but today she came across an article; that she thought I might like.

Gaming today, especially RPG’s are broken completely with Real Life.  That is what gamers want in some respects, to immerse themselves in their characters while they play; but do they really?

January Blues

Probably the residual effects of a really bad festive season, but I just can’t seem to get going at the moment.  Painting has stalled, I got my first game of Warmachine/Hordes, of 2012 on Tuesday and I just can’t get up the enthusiasm to get going on the tournament in a couple of weeks.

That said, the couple of games I played on Tuesday; have helped to buoy my spirits wonderfully.  First game, 35pt pGoreshade v pButcher; which was lost before we even started.  I haven’t run Goreshade in a long time, so when I pull out Nightwretches and Skarlock Thrall; it doesn’t trigger that I am wasting points.  It is that bad, it was half way through the game; when I remembered what pGore feat.  So I had to then dig out my Banes, ready to use them.  Suffice to say, Dave smashed me with his Man-O-War Shocktroopers.

I followed this up with a 25pt game of pMadrak v pMorghoul.  This was a lot of fun, even though I had a Titan Gladiator; pummel my Blitzer into the ground in one activation.  With just 2 Boomhowlers and Madrak to end the game, it was feat time.  Watching Madrak scythe his way through Nihilators and Pain Givers, to get to Morghoul; was awesome to watch.  I certainly didn’t forget the lesson, that I learned in Dundee last year; that you check models first before declaring activation ended.  As it was, Madrak didn’t kill Morghoul that turn, but it was close thing; with Madrak down to 1 pt of health after weathering Morghoul and Cyclops attacks.  Thank goodness for Grindar’s Scroll, that Scroll meant I was able to finish off Morghoul next turn.

If that wasn’t enough excitement, we kicked off a campaign; using the new Lord of the Rings RPG – The One Ring.  I’m playing a scholarly female Elf of Mirkwood, Miliana Starshine, in the company of 2 Dwarves and one Hobbit companions.  Yes you read that right, I am playing a female elf.  I think of it as the greater challenge in roleplaying, to play the opposite sex.  Hence, why most of my rpg characters have been female.  Plus it’s pretty funny, when innuendo’s start to fly about her sexuality (man trapped in a womans body, etc).  With Iron Kingdoms v2 coming this year, I am really looking forward to getting back into my RPG’s.