UK Nationals Day 2

The follow up is a little delayed, as most of it was spent resting. The full effects of the long weekend, added to the lack of proper medicine regime (being anaemic can be crippling, if not controlled); culminated in a a very lethargic few days.

However, getting back to the action; we left it off with my narrow defeat at the hands of pKruger.  Following day was the day I did better, at least that is what my battered self esteem was telling me.  The body on the other hand was telling a different story, with painful feet and legs from the standing the previous day.

Round 5 – Skorne (Garry Burgess) v Cryx, a match up that I have fond memories of playing against our local Skorne player.  pMorghul v Mortenebra, with her usual tactic of Deathjack to the face.  It was quite a funny game, in that by the end Morty and Deryliss were my only models left on the board.  Yet my opponent had to take 2 turns to kill her.  Mind you camping 7 focus, when she has no offensive spells* will help to drag it out. Loss via Assassination, with 0 CP claimed; Process of Elimnation scenario  *Doom Spiral wasn’t going to work on warbeasts


Round 6 – Legion (Bex) v Cryx This is the one game I am really really annoyed at myself. pThagrosh v pDenny was turning into a great game, with my Seether just hammering through the two Scythian’s; with Grab and Smash.  The first Scythian I hit, throwing it in the path of the Kraken to munch on.  The second one, got the same treatment; only this time thrown at Thagrosh instead.  Meanwhile McThralls are steadily grinding their way upfield, respawning with the Necrosurgeons; with Denny behind heading to claim control points on the flag. The killer to this whole game, I timed out myself by not watching the time.  With about 10 minutes on my clock, I got this horrid sinking feeling; as 10 minutes in game time goes in the blink of an eye. Loss via Deathclock, with 1 CP claimed; Into the Breach scenario

R6_Legion3R6_Legion1 R6_Legion2

Round 7 – Cryx (Lee) v Cryx  After the Legion game, I think I hit the lowest point of the whole weekend; which is probably why I don’t remember much of the last game.  What I do remember was facing Gaspy the Hellbringer, with the Coven.  It all went wrong from the start, with the Coven deploying in a corner; pretty much trapping themselves in Killbox.  Having to take freestrike hits from Cankerworm to get out of the Killbox; putting them smack in the road of Bane Thralls/Tarty/UA.  The one highlight of the game though, was Malice Possessing Deathjack and making him hit Tartarus.  Sadly the devastation of the Iron Lich Overseer’s and their marshalled jacks; brought the game and the whole tournament to it’s ungracious end. Loss via Assassination, with 0 CP claimed; Close Quarters scenario

For my first ever big tournament environment, it was a little overwhelming. While I didn’t even dream of winning, I hoped to come away with some wins at least.  That said, despite the losses; all my opponents were gracious and willing to discuss the game we had hopefully both enjoyed.  Will I be back next year? Not sure at the moment, if I do go; I certainly plan on practising more than the 5 games I got before I headed down.  So to close off, thank you to PP, North West Gaming, the Judges and PG’s and of course all the players for making this a great success…..hope to see you again next year.

UK Nationals Lists

In the build up to the Nationals, I find myself in two minds.  On the one hand, there is the part that just wants to go have a good time and play some games. The other part of me is competitive, so wants to do the best I can.

One of the problems I have though, is that being a PG; I haven’t had much chance to play.  My knowledge is rusty and I really need an intense refresher course in even the basics of the game.  This makes me nervous about facing some of the best players in the UK, ill prepared to play.

Another problem, is army lists.  My first inclination is to go with Casters I know and love – Mortenebra and the Witch Coven.  I’d like to run eSkarre or pDenny, but can’t decide which one to run.  pDenny I am more familiar with, but Skarre is just so much fun to play.

So this week I’m going to post up some potential lists I will be looking at over the two tournaments leading up to the Nationals.


What hit me?

Walking out the door to run my first 2013 tournament, fully loaded with 3 bags and a laptop; I wind up flat on my back and in agony from slipping on the 2mm ice sheet covering the path.  Sadly this unplanned activity lands me in A&E (ER for our American readers), where I am poked, x-ray’d and sent home with painkillers.

From what I remember of it, I went full horizontal; coming down hard on my back just between the shoulder blades.  At least that is the area, that is hurting the most this morning.  I have to thank PG Kallas (Tom), for stepping in at the last second to run his first official tournament as a PG.  Hopefully I can return the favour for him one day.  Painting wise, I might be a little slower; but I am stubborn enough to meet my target of painting all my Dystopian Wars for the 9th February.

Not quite……

Been a while since…..ok a very long while since I posted on the blog.  Life has a way of giving you moments of happiness, then kicking your backside real hard.

Essentially after July/August, things went down hill personally and it impacted on my gaming to the point that I lost interest in it completely (nearly left the Gang too).  It’s not perfect even now, but slowly bits and pieces are coming back.  Main news though, is that I will be posting up pics of models I have painted in this period (not many I admit), but also I’ll be covering the formation of Dystopian Wars tournament scene in Scotland.  10th Anniversary of WM this year, the possibility of a SmogCon/Lock and Load style event in the UK, novels….possibly computer games.  So much to do, damn it’s good to be back again.

Wind up or Wind down….

It might seem like a strange title for a blog post, but give me a moment to explain.  This year (to date), as been one hell of a rollercoaster ride for me.  There has been a lot of effort put into building a Scottish presence within the UK WM/H scene, which has only been helped a lot by the recent efforts of some of our more dedicated players.  In particular the players from G3 Glasgow Gamers and several players from Aberdeen.

To give you an example, 4 – 5 of the players from Aberdeen travelled to SmogCon this year.  On the way, their car broke down and they were towed home again.  Normally this would be the end of it, but these guys jumped on a bus; travelled overnight to be at Smogcon.  At the UK Masters, quite a few Scottish players were in attendance; with one player coming within the top 10 best in the UK as others gave a respectable showing.

So it makes me wonder why, I am currently struggling with whether to give up being a PG or not.  I admit that I am sitting here now, mentally wrecked; having just driven back from Hampshire; through M6 rush hour and torrential rains in the Borders.  Nine and half hours, to think about this question; yet I am still no nearer an answer.

I love this game, I love being a PG; but that love is turning sour recently and I hate that.  So do I wind up, put myself forward as coordinator and push hard for a Scottish Team at the ETC/WTC; get the Scottish Open off the ground.  Or do I just it down, not bother with trying to improve the game for everyone in Scotland.  First though, I’m going to get some sleep; night all.