Satyxis Raider (Leader)

A few pictures of the Raider leader model, painted but not based yet.  Have to say I struggled with this model, as I had problems thinking of a colour scheme.  In the end, I decided to go with something similar to the Epic Skarre I painted recently.

IMAG0904 IMAG0906 IMAG0907 IMAG0908

Mission: Nationals

Since signing up for the Nationals, I have come to the realisation that I have a mammoth amount of work to do.  If you’ve not been to Warmachine/Hordes tournament, the format is usually 2 army lists, with other criteria determining what you can include in each army.

In a Masters event like the UK Nationals, the criteria will be:

  • 3 army lists
  • Character Restricted
  • Play each list once
  • No Reinforcements or Specialists

So this presents me with a huge amount of painting to do, as while it isn’t a requirement; having 3 fully painted armies will be great on the table.  To this end, I have still to paint:

  • Kraken
  • Blood Witches (10)
  • Blood Hag
  • Seether (2)
  • Satyxis Raiders (10)
  • Satyxis Raider Capt
  • Satyxis Raider Sea Witch
  • Ripjaw
  • Iron Lich Overseer (2)
  • McThralls (4)
  • Harrower

So looks like a few late nights are in order.


May Painting Oath

For those not aware, or who haven’t been following this blog until now; I am part of the Painting Oath group on Facebook.  From the groups pages, they state the mission to be:

A year long painting competition with monthly prices from the best miniature companies around! Get painting, prizes aren’t for the most well painted models, they’re for painting your models!

So as the above says, this is about what you paint, no matter how good you are (or bad in my case); or even how many you paint.  It is more a mutual motivation to paint all those models you buy, while enjoying the experience and expertise of hundreds of others doing the same thing.

My Painting Oath for May, has been delayed because of my recent hospitalisation; but I am now raring to go painting the following:

Necrosurgeon, Stitch and Scrap Thralls

Necrosurgeon, Stitch and Scrap Thralls

Cataphract and Hatchetman

Cataphract and Hatchetman



Malifaux Commission

I’ve finally got started on this, after stripping them of primer; twice now. The second time was my fault, due to the cold weather we have been having here. Trying to do it indoors, isn’t always a good idea; as it still stinks no matter how little you spray.

Having painted some of the original metal models from Wyrd, I was looking forward to getting my first look and painting; of the new plastics. Sadly this has been a bit of a disappointment, which I hope is only restricted to this crew.

So what are the problems:

Lots of moulding gaps and seam lines. Thankfully a lot of the cleaning was done before hand by the client, but there is still a lot of large gaps that needed filling. One of the worst was on Mei Feng, around the hairline a gap of about 0.5 – 1mm; made it look like she had a badly fitted wig.

Sculpting is very lacking, with hardly any definition on the bodies and especially the faces. These are supposed to be 32mm ‘heroic’. which is nowhere near what these are. At best they are 28mm true scale. This can be seen clearly in the photo, with Kang, the largest of the models against Privateer Press 28/30mm Bane Lord Tartarus.

 photo IMAG0743_zps9190a0a3.jpg

The plastic is very flexible, which is great if you want curves and arches. In the handles/shafts of weapons (shovels, mallets in this case), bendy plastics are not a good thing.

I appreciate that this is new to Wyrd, as it is with many of the companies switching from metal to plastics/resins. However, this isn’t endearing me; to take up Malifaux again given these issues. As I said originally, I hope this is only restricted to this particular crew; but we will see.

Something Different

Whenever I go away to convention or tournament, I am always on the look out for things for my wife.  Her main passions within the fantasy realms are Fairies and Angels.

So when I was at the Games Expo a couple of years ago, I bought and painted her the Bad Fairy model.  Below is my version, in the colours my wife likes most – Purple!

So when I was at the ETC’s last weekend, I naturally drifted around the store to find anything I could take back for her.  Eventually I found another Freebooter Miniatures fairy, this time it was the Fairy of the Woods.

Perhaps it is the colours used, but I didn’t like this model when I first saw it.  The face looks totally wrong and like it belongs on a china doll, not a woodland fairy.  Having started on it though, I am pleased to see that the face and general casting is very clean and shouldn’t look horrid when finished.  I’m going to paint the wings separate, but this is where I am at after about 45 minutes work.