Slow, but Steady

Well as the title suggest, progress on the models needed for the Nationals is coming along.  I took a break yesterday, as

  1. Ran out of glue
  2. Using a hand drill on small pieces is killing my hands (Who designed the Iron Lich Overseer; they need to be shot)
  3. Trying to avoid burn out, this early on in the process.

So for now here is pictures of the first Harrower, as well as WiP shot of the 1st Seether in the background.  Yes you might have guessed by now, red is my favourite colour; which is why I am dreading the Kraken when I get around to it.

IMAG0909 IMAG0911 IMAG0912 IMAG0913


The intended plans to post a little more often, got a little waylaid recently with a last minute hospital stay.  I say last minute, but it was only last minute to me; as someone failed to inform me of my imminent admittence to said hospital.  So with 3 days notice, I had to get my life in order and make arrangements for the house and pet.

On the plus side, I managed to complete the April Oath; with just 2 hours to spare.  Despite the time constraint, I am really pleased with the models I have done, while not really compromising on the quality of the work too much.  The Oath was to include the secret ingredient; which in April was Battle Damage.

With just Gerlak Slaughterborn left to paint, I figured I could go a little crazy with him.

Gerlak Slaughterborn

Weapon slashes, a little corrosion and just to show why Trolls have the Tough ability; a broken spear shaft in the chest.

Gerlak Slaughterborn

Gerlak SlaughterbornThe other Oath models which I haven’t shown to date, are the last two witches:

Coven (Back)

Coven (Front)And Egregore:


The Witch Coven of Galghast and Egregore

Happy Birthday

No, it’s not my birthday; but it is my wife’s birthday today. We have had a lovely day out and spent some time with our family. Overall, despite the personal issues, things have been good.

So your probably wondering why I am mentioning this on a gaming blog. Well, it’s been a tradition since we have been together; to make or paint her something unique. I’ve posted models I’ve painted for her on the blog in the past, however this one has to be the biggest one I’ve painted. 54mm, special edition Fallen Angel model from Freebooter.

After lots of hassles with the now defunct Maelstrom games, I bought directly from Freebooter. I’ve probably posted it on here before, but for those not familiar with it –

So some WIP ones from about November

 photo IMAG0701.jpg

 photo IMAG0704.jpg

 photo IMAG0703.jpg

 photo IMAG0700.jpg

 photo IMAG0699.jpg

 photo IMAG0702.jpg

With some shots of the finished model….

 photo IMAG0710.jpg

 photo IMAG0709.jpg

 photo IMAG0707.jpg

 photo IMAG0706.jpg

 photo IMAG0705.jpg

 photo IMAG0711.jpg

 photo IMAG0708.jpg

Too quiet

I’ve been keeping my head down recently, as March was just way too busy for me.  With two WM/H tournaments, as well as the recent Malifaux tournament; it’s been a struggle health wise for me.

That is not to say I haven’t been busy, far from it.  As you will have seen painting hasn’t been far from my agenda, though it hasn’t been the blitzing of previously.  I recently finished a little silly side project, which my dear wife convinced me to take on.  Anyone who know the PP forums, will have seen the My Little Pony thread.  I always saw the cool avatar pictures with the ‘Cryxian My Little Ponies’.  So when my wife spotted as My Little Pony in the supermarket; she made me buy it to convert it from this……

…..into My Little Nightmare Pony.

Ok so it’s not very Cryx, but it was fun doing it.  Wife and daughter liked it so much, they want one converted too.

The Hairy Caber

Dripwel Quest, with his comments; has reminded me of why I started this blog.  I hate to say this, but The Hairy Caber isn’t for your benefit; it’s for mine.  You see, I have a very bad memory and need something to keep me focused.

The Hairy Caber does this, by making me feel I have to post something; as often as possible.  Be it a model I am building, painted models I have just completed; or the case of Malifaux recently so I can vent/own personal thoughts.  If you follow this blog, you will note that I don’t give advice; unless there is a solution that I have found works for me personally.  I don’t do reviews of models and I don’t do tactics for any game.  The reason for this, is that there are other sites/blogs for that; with better resources and connections.  Even if I had those, I still wouldn’t do it; as I did that with Shotgun or Grapple.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that you question me Dripwel; you make me evaluate why I said those things.  However I will stand by the advice I gave, despite your claim I ‘inadvertently’ told people not to take up WM/H.

And your wrong, about the advice I would give about WM/H.  My biggest piece of advice to any prospective WM/H player, don’t walk into it; expecting one single model to be all singing and dancing super-duper powerful.  That is not how it works in WM/H, there is always a synergy needed to make that one model good.  However 99% of the time, there is a counter model/tactic to that ‘very good model’; so don’t expect it to work every single time.

I started off saying this blog is for my benefit, over the months that I have been doing it; people had read it and comment on it.  To all those people, a big thank you.  If we don’t question the things in our life, then we never find the right answers.  Keep questioning me, keep questioning yourself and most important – Have Fun.  Happy New Year everyone.