Carronade 2012

The sun is still shining and I’m just about to get some dinner, but today has been fantastic.  While I was part of demonstration team for Livingston Battleground, I was also representing Privateer Press; with some demos at Carronade.

I was actually nervous about this, as this is the first convention/trade show I have done.  So in a way, it was good to be part of a larger group of players.  That said, other than a slightly hesitant demo against fellow club member Greg Fyfe; the rest of the day went smoothly.  A big part of that, is down to the help of Jonathan Mitchell (Skorne player); who played and ran a couple of demo’s while I took a break occasionally.

The Tiger Jack (Khador Boxset) were a massive attraction, with everyone commenting on how good they looked; and when could they use them.  I think they were used in every single demo, which is a testament to the advantage of using fully painted models at shows.  With a table booked for the other big Scottish show, Claymore; Warmachine/Hordes is definitely getting shown off to a large gaming audience in Scotland.

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In my excitement to tell the world about Skirmish 2012, I neglected to add in Flames of War into the tournaments listed.  There is already a large and growing fanbase for this game in Scotland, which will have the opportunity to take part in the only Scottish heat for Flames of War Tournament Series 2012.

Details are still being negotiated, but it is hoped this will become the premier Flames of War event in Scotland each year.

Skirmish 2011 Over

This will literally, be a quick appraisal of the day.  It is nearly midnight, I am choked with the cold and have been up since 6am.

Of the original 14 players, 11 players eventually started the event.  Due to various reasons, 3 players were unable attend.  Getting a bye through the rounds wasn’t a problem with most players today; as there were other entertainments on hand.  As well as Malifaux, there was Urban War: Strike Team Actions; as well as City of Prosperity.  There was also the cafe and lots of other events going on.

Having 3 Khador players, running the same lists; was a little amusing for their opponents.  Sadly though, it did cause some match ups; that they had played the same Khador list twice or even 3 times.  That said though, it was a really close contest in the end; with some positions coming down to control points or even points destroyed.  The full list of players and winners is as follows –

  1. Michael Dick
  2. Mark McNaught
  3. John Sinclair
  4. Matt Reid
  5. David Flynn
  6. Kevin ‘Kevnik Joe’ Curran
  7. Ross Harkin
  8. David Brown
  9. Irving Kerr-Smith
  10. John Lynch
  11. Jonathan Mitchell
Overall, it was a great success on so many levels.  First off my first official event as a Press Ganger, went reasonably smoothly; with any problems sorted quickly.  Secondly the charity Erskine and the club Livingston Battleground will benefit from the exposure to a wider audience.  Lastly, Warmachine/Hordes has *already* been asked; to be one of the tournaments at Skirmish… year.  Thanks for that, should go to the players; who made the day look like so much fun.  We gained a lot of interest from people watching, with a couple buying boxsets from Worlds at War.
There are pictures to come, but sadly I am beat more senseless than the wooden spoon winner today.  So they can wait till tomorrow, for now I will leave you with the trophies in all their glory.  Thank you everyone, I had a great day.