Kirai Crew Updated

Just some pictures I took of the whole crew (minus 2 unpainted Seishin).  Please ignore the Shredders, they were proxy Gaki yesterday. 

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And here is the supply ‘wagon’ I did for the event yesterday, as you will see; the Rezzers seem to have fallen off the ‘wagon’.  Not surprising really, Kirai Spirit Inc, make some strong hooch.

Who’s got the Map?

Yesterday was the 2nd Malifaux event at Worlds at War.  As planned, I ran the Kirai crew again, with the addition of Jaakuna Ubume and some Gaki’s.

  • Kirai
  • Datsue-ba
  • Gaki
  • Seishin
  • Seishin
  • Seishin
  • Taelor

I had wanted initially to run without Taelor in the crew, but it worked out better to have Jaakuna as summoned.

First game was against Greg, running a Nicodem crew; which was a series of silly mistakes.  At this time I was unaware there was a restriction on the use of Schemes, which prevented using the same scheme twice in the event.  So taking Death after Death and Stake a Claim together, wasn’t the best option for me.  In quick succession, caused by a bottleneck through terrain; Nicodem wiped out Kirai and 3 Seishin.  This was pretty much game over in turn 2, no way to gain Death after Death; with Stake a Claim a very very long impossible shot.  I think making the switch from WM/H to Malifaux was difficult yesterday, as with Kirai I have to hold her back from my normal aggressive style.

Lessons learned though and definitely something to work on in future games.  Moving onto Game 2, which was against Victoria and her Colette & Showgirls crew.  Despite getting beat, it was a really good game; with an opponent that knew their models well.

Strategy was Supply Wagon, which you can see mine above.  With the schemes chosen being Framed for Murder and Hold Out.  It was really frustrating, to see my Gaki ready to engage Colette; so she could kill it (Framed for Murder).  Only to see Colette jump to the other side of the board, to swap places with the Coryphee Duet; scheme one stuffed.  I did manage to hold out and despite some attacks on the wagon, it survived without damage.  2 Victory Points, but Victoria did well to claim the game with 3 VP.

For whatever reason, the software used by the TO; drew me against Victoria again.  Despite suggestions from two other players, who were happy to swap; the TO decided to stick with the software. Fair enough, if I could have; I would have swapped crews at this time just to make it different.  Sadly it was Kirai v Colette again, with a whole new set of challenges.  This time the strategy was Turf War, with the schemes I decided to go for Betrayed by Spirits and Bodyguard.

This is the first incarnation of Ikiryo, almost killing Cassandra; to allow a healing flip on Kirai.  One measly HP away from killing her, so frustrating. Not wanting to miss next time, I took a massive risk, moving Kirai close to the action taking 5 WD’s; just to place Ikiryo within melee of Colette.  Sadly nothing came of it and ended up Ikiryo was killed again.  In the end it came down to time, with Victoria deservedly winning again.  I gained 2 VP for Bodyguard, but lacked the models for keeping Duet and Cassandra from claiming the Deployment Zone.

Over all I really enjoyed the day, still got a lot of work to do; to iron out the mistakes.  However, it is slowly sticking what I need to do with each model, especially the Seishin; which I might just add one more to the list for the 35ss next time.

Malifaux Update

Well after the tournament last month, I have decided to make a Kirai crew; based entirely on the Japanese/Oriental theme.  One of the things I liked most about Kirai, was the movement shenanigans; it just fit in so well with my tricky devious mind.

So next up on the list of models, will be

  • Jaakune Ubume
  • Ten Thunders Brothers
  • Misaki, Warmaiden

I don’t even know what they do or even if they will work well together.  Malifaux for me, is all about giving me a break from WM/H every now and then.

#Malifaux – Kirai Painted Models

Well as promised, here is the Kirai crew fully painted.  There are 16 photos in all, but the basis of my scheme was obviously Japan.  Kirai, the Geisha make-up; holding scissors blooded from her last victim.  Datsu-Ba (as I know her), with her watery companion Octopus Kathuli.  The two Oniryo, I wanted to tie in with a colour theme; hence the orange/purple.  The Kabuki Masks, hide their true features; which have been hideous mutilated by Kirai (Look up Slit-Mouthed Lady).  The Fire Dtragon Seishin, initially I wanted it to look like it was burning from inside out.  This didn’t work out, so just went for the more traditional burning on the outside.  Lastly I have just noticed, I didn’t take any close up shots of Ikiryo.  However there is something in the crew photo, so I will remedy this asap.

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Kirai Completed

1am, but I have finally got done with Kirai.  I would probably have finished sooner, but I was out most of the day; plus I was getting my usual anally retentive Mr Perfection over the model.

It’s not often that I spent time on one model, especially when I have a backlog. However, I have been looking forward to painting this crew for over a month.  So to do those extra touches doesn’t phase me that much.  So here is a couple of quick photo’s I took, which the colours look a little washed out.