Too many models…..

My wife recently looked at my painting table, remarking on the number of unpainted models left to receive attention.  I’ll admit that I have been a little side tracked by other things in recent months.  However this last week, I have made a concerted effort to paint something; which in this case is Khador Battlebox.

I have no intention of playing Khador, other than using them in demo’s; so I decided to have a little fun with them.

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If that isn’t cheesy enough for you all, then I guess I will have to come up with something else.

Spring PG Painting Exchange

Last year, I took part in a painting exchange between the Press Gangers.  It was a lot of fun, especially as I got to paint one of the new Minion Warlocks – Maelok.

This time around, it is being changed; with some sneaky shenanigans.  We have all been given a list of about 3 – 5 models, which we can pick to paint one or all of them (should we desire).  The kicker though, is that we don’t know who our ‘victim’ is going to be.  So unlike last year, I can’t really give a WIP; as that might give the game away.  However what I can say, is that I am painting two (technically 3) models for my victim; from Khador and Menoth.

Yes you read that right, I am voluntarily painting Menoth models; who would have thought it?

DJ Complete – 8/8/11

I finally got it finished last night about midnight, with the first coat of gloss varnish within 5 minutes; the next an hour later.  I’d need to check the posts, but I figure I have been working on this for about a month now.  It’s been a long, hard month; but I think the rewards have been worth it.  For those lucky enough to be in Kirkcaldy at Kingdom of Adventure next Saturday (20th), you will get to see this on the table at their tournament.  For those not able to see it up close and personal, hope you enjoy the pictures.

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pGaspy 35pt List

Update on the list I posted previously.

I’ve now played a game with the list mentioned, with a small assassination victory.  In fairness to my Khadorian opponent, he was running Harkevich for the first time; so against an opponent with more Harkevich experience it might have gone the other way.

The thing that made all the difference, was Gorman Di Wulfe; specifically his Black Oil.  That little grenade is just brutal on a heavy jack, literally making it a sitting duck for a Slam or Charge attack.  I was using Gorman and pGaspy combo, of Black Oil and Parasite on the target Heavy Jack. Then on the DJ, Scything Touch, either from pGaspy himself; or through the Skarlock.  With everything working, the target was -4 MAT/DEF from Black Oil; with -2 Arm from Parasite.  Add in the +2 to attack rolls on the DJ from Scything Touch, it was pretty much auto hit and 3d6 damage on a charge.

I’ve also begun to love Defilers again, after not playing them in over a year. The thing I love about Cryx, is the bonejacks (chicken jacks as some call them).  They give Cryx a tool, that isn’t match in any other faction; not even Hordes.  The ability to arc a spell over 20″ away, to run a bone jack over 25″ away (Stalkers are just awesome).  With the Ripjaw, Cryx finally got an armour shredding model; which is so much needed against Khadorian armies.  Anyway back to Defilers, why have I suddenly found them again; simple answer 8″ Spray attack.  Between the Gorman/pGaspy combo and the 8″ sprays from Defilers and Warwitch Siren; Khador were decimated on the field.  I think at the end, he had Man-o-War Kovnick, Harlan Varsh and some Nyss.  There just wasn’t enough to hide Harkevich behind, that would do any good in the long run.

Overall, I am pleased with the list; it is flexible and can rapidly adapt to situations on the board.  It might have problems against the unimaginative Cygnar Gun Lines or even some Retribution armies; but it is a solid list for my style of play.

Ennies 2011

Way back in the mists of time, there was a podcast called Shotgun or Grapple. They had just started out, when along came GenCon and the Ennies. GenCon is still the greatest gaming event of the year, in which the gamers themselves get to vote for their favourites at the Ennies Awards.  At the time, it was noticed there was little in the way of wargames; the awards being dominated by RPG’s.  Having just started out in Warmachine, I was surprised; considering the timing of MkII it should have been nominated. It wasn’t, neither was Privateer Press as a whole.

As part of the podcast, we got to learn a lot about the Ennies; how they worked plus some plans for the future.  One of those plans, was to create new categories and redefine others.  So it was with great joy that I saw Privateer Press nominated in several categories – Best Miniatures Product (Khador Gun Carriage), as well as the chance to vote for them as your favourite publisher.

There was no question about the publisher, Privateer Press have continued to build on MkI; with MkII and now Wrath.  The one I had problems with, was the Miniatures Product.  I found this really tough, as up against the Gun Carriage; was the Battletech 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set.  I played Battletech for over 10 years, only losing interest in it; when Wizards got their grubby corporate hands on it.  With the re-launch from Catalyst Game Labs, Battletech is looking to have revived that old feel I enjoyed so much.  I have to admit that I cracked, Battletech got my 1st vote; with Khador BE getting my 2nd.  I beg forgiveness, as I AM a Cryx player; so its not in my nature to vote for some limp wristed namby-pamby faction (just kidding lol).  There is another reason I voted as I did, that is because the category is Miniatures PRODUCT.  While the Gun Carriage is a miniature, I don’t feel it is a complete product.  You still need other things to use it, where as the Box Set is a complete system; with miniatures included.

Whatever you think, go vote; show your support to all the hard working people.  Irrespective of what games you play, all the publishers deserve recognition for their time and effort.  So go vote here