Blown Away

Yesterday was nasty in many ways, really bad weather and feeling ill.  Trying to do a little painting, but with a pounding head and feeling sick; very little got done.

Still not feeling good, but at least my head isn’t pounding.  Hopefully, when I get done with real life; I can get stuck into Kallus and get him finished.

Cracking On

Christmas saw models piling up to be painted and/or finished with photo’s.  Today I spent a lot of the time, feeling ill; but I did manage to get some painting done; as well as pictures of the Bushido models.

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Long before this though (about 4 months), I bought the Withershadow Combine.  Finally I am getting started on them as well today, so far I have done a little base coating; but I am liking it already.

Lastly today, I have been working on Kallus, Wrath of Everblight.  As you will see, studio scheme is not my choice (nor will it ever be).  The theme for my Legion will be red and black, working on Kallus is experimental at the moment; but I have always liked the contrast of black/red.