Scaverous v Khador

Since buying Lord Exhumator Scaverous last year when the model was released, I have played him a couple of times; even ran him in the Glasgow tournament.  Today I headed down to the shop, for our usual Tuesday night session; where I pulled out Scavvy for a couple of games against Khador.

My opponent, Dougie had brought Sorcha, with two Juggernauts and a Descimator; MoW Demolition and Winter Guard Bombadiers..  Lining up against that……

  • Scavvy
  • Erebus
  • Nightwretch x 2
  • Bloodgorgers (Full)
  • Bane Thralls (Min) + UA
  • Gen Gerlak Slaughterborn
  • Skarlock Thrall
  • Pistol Wraith

Second game was against Irusk, Juggernaut and Destroyer; with MoW Kovnik, Manhunter, Marksman, Assault Kommando’s + WA and WG Infantry + UA/WA.  The only change I made to my previous list, was take out the Pistol Wraith to add in Gorman Di Wulfe.  The reason for this, was I completely forgot about the Pistol Wraith; so was wasted 3 points.

The biggest problem with Scaverous, is that he lacks any kind of punch.  To get the most out of him; you need those Arcnodes to open up charge lanes with Telekinesis.  The ability to turn the model’s back to you, is another great advantage; which can be capitalised on using heavy Jacks or charging Weapon Masters (Bane Thralls).  This is pretty much how I played both games, thought attrition was the killer for me.  Even with two Tough units, the dice were dire today; rolling lots of 1’s.  I messed up the Irusk game, but TK’ing the Juggernaut in a position to back strike Erebus; who was breathing down Irusk’s neck.  Losing him, pretty much ended the assassination attempt.

Overall I am pleased with how the games went, some stupid mistakes; but generally a fast decisive set of games.