Turning Japanese

I’ve always admired the Studio McVey models, so when I found Azumi; I wanted it there and then.

Ok part of the reason is the paint job, which is gorgeous.  I would love to get this kind of level; in my painting, which is slowly coming.  With a limit of 750 high quality castings, this will be a nice addition to anyone’s collection.

#Malifaux – Kirai Painted Models

Well as promised, here is the Kirai crew fully painted.  There are 16 photos in all, but the basis of my scheme was obviously Japan.  Kirai, the Geisha make-up; holding scissors blooded from her last victim.  Datsu-Ba (as I know her), with her watery companion Octopus Kathuli.  The two Oniryo, I wanted to tie in with a colour theme; hence the orange/purple.  The Kabuki Masks, hide their true features; which have been hideous mutilated by Kirai (Look up Slit-Mouthed Lady).  The Fire Dtragon Seishin, initially I wanted it to look like it was burning from inside out.  This didn’t work out, so just went for the more traditional burning on the outside.  Lastly I have just noticed, I didn’t take any close up shots of Ikiryo.  However there is something in the crew photo, so I will remedy this asap.

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My friend David (Coin and Carnage blog), has been playing Malifaux; for about 6 months now.  He recently gave me a demo, which was the worst thing to do. Initially I liked the visual aspect of the game, the models are some of the most twisted characterisations; I have seen in wargaming.

Having had the demo, I can see small similarities with Warmachine/Hordes; but a lot of differences.  It’s those differences, that make this game so appealing.  First major difference, is that there are no dice; period.  Anyone who has played Deadlands RPG, will be familiar with using a deck of cards; to determine results.  Malifaux is the same, from initiative to casting spells to combat; everything is done using a standard 52 deck of cards.

Second difference, is alternate activations.  Each player, activates only one model; then their opponent activates one and so on.  This can serious mess up, if things don’t go the way you hope.  Personally I think activation sequence is even more important with Malifaux; than it is with WM/H.

Do I like Malifaux?  It’s an enjoyable game, the models are fantastic; but I am not sure it has the same lure as Warmachine/Hordes.  Worlds at War have started stocking it, where I have picked up the Kirai boxset.  While I love the twisted nature of the Neverborn, the Japanese imagery of Kirai; just won me over again.

Bushido Unboxing Pt 2

More piccies yay!!

Hiro Takashi - The Dragons Claw

Ashigaru Spear - note this character is female. This is actually accurate to Japanese traditions. Women were allowed to fight alongside the men, though only the upper class women attained the term Onna Bugeisha.

Ashigaru Arquebus - this weapon was actually in use towards the end of the Japanese feudal period. With the advent of gunpowder and Western traders, gun became more common. The movie 'The Last Samurai' is a great example of the two worlds colliding - the old and then new.

Ashigaru Spear - Male version this time. These were the foot sloggers, the basic infantry unit of all medieval armies. Like their Western contemporaries, they had basic, cheap weapons and armour; if any armour at all.

Hanso, Ashigaru Sergeant

Bushido Unboxing Pt 1

As noted earlier today, the starter set arrived today for Bushido.  I had planned on leaving the unboxing until later, as I am in the middle of doing the Feora model; for the Breast Cancer Brawl.

As tomorrow is open gaming day at Worlds at War, I thought it would be good to show off the starter; perhaps gain some interest with others.  So with some quick photo’s and less talking from me; here is the unboxing of the Prefecture of Ryu starter set.