Hordes Domination Previews

Privateer Press released the studio painted models of Vayl, Consul of Everblight; the new epic Warlock for Legion of Everblight.  They have also released details of Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels; the new Epic Warlock for Trollbloods.

I’m pretty stoked about Epic Grissel, as despite some negativity with the prime version; I liked the prime model for her.  The new one though, looks awesome; even more so as it brought to mind a certain vision.  Glasgow on a Saturday night, half the woman look like this.  Tanked up on Buckie (fortified wine), they swing their bottles like Grissel does her Hammer.  Even the pose says “Com’on then, I’ll gae ya a square go.”, for those not fluent in Drunken Scots; it goes something like this – Please excuse my drunken state, I think you looked at me wrong; so I am offering to rearrange your face with this bottle of cheap cats piss.

With Jarl Skald and Grissel now,  I can see me adding to my trolls in the near future.