Carronade 2012

The sun is still shining and I’m just about to get some dinner, but today has been fantastic.  While I was part of demonstration team for Livingston Battleground, I was also representing Privateer Press; with some demos at Carronade.

I was actually nervous about this, as this is the first convention/trade show I have done.  So in a way, it was good to be part of a larger group of players.  That said, other than a slightly hesitant demo against fellow club member Greg Fyfe; the rest of the day went smoothly.  A big part of that, is down to the help of Jonathan Mitchell (Skorne player); who played and ran a couple of demo’s while I took a break occasionally.

The Tiger Jack (Khador Boxset) were a massive attraction, with everyone commenting on how good they looked; and when could they use them.  I think they were used in every single demo, which is a testament to the advantage of using fully painted models at shows.  With a table booked for the other big Scottish show, Claymore; Warmachine/Hordes is definitely getting shown off to a large gaming audience in Scotland.

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Too many models…..

My wife recently looked at my painting table, remarking on the number of unpainted models left to receive attention.  I’ll admit that I have been a little side tracked by other things in recent months.  However this last week, I have made a concerted effort to paint something; which in this case is Khador Battlebox.

I have no intention of playing Khador, other than using them in demo’s; so I decided to have a little fun with them.

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If that isn’t cheesy enough for you all, then I guess I will have to come up with something else.

PP Insider 2-10-2012

Will Hungerford, for those of you who don’t know; took over for the great Jen Ikuta last year in the role of Quartermaster.  What the Quartermaster does, is keep Press Gangers like me in line.

Ok so that is an over-simplification of the job, but essentially Will is there to make sure we as Press Gangers; get the support of Privateer Press. While giving you the players, the best games possible.  I’ll let the Boss, explain the rest; why his Insider is about the Gang.

So, do you know of a PG like that?  If there is one thing, that I have learned in the short time with the Gang; is that we are all there for each other.  The game and reputation of Privateer Press, is what matters; irrespective of our own personal views.  As Will says, if you have the passion; perhaps you should think about joining the Gang too.

Colossal, War Room & Heap

Yesterday, Privateer Press appeared to give the Warmachine/Hordes community a double geekgasm.  Announcing not one project, but a total of three; they are starting 2012 with a bang.

I’m going to start with Colossals, as frankly they are big news; in more the one sense of the word.  120mm based Warjacks, these brutes have been hinted at since Superiority days of Warmachine.  Watch the video to see, what I mean.

With Hordes ones in the works (hint of Troll Colossal, in the video right at the end), this is another new addition to the WM/H stable.

Perhaps it is appropriate, on the day they launch Colossals; they also launch their very own version; of a well-known military construction application.  Entitled War Room, it is the next level for a great and still used piece of software called iBodger.  I don’t think, there is one WM/H player; that hasn’t used iBodger as some point.  So with War Room, you get not only the great army construction functions; but also the ability to view any card or any faction.  This will allow players to instantly know, what X Model does; without having to ask for the card.  It will also possibly have full descriptions of the abilities (certainly on the cards anyway).  Now the app is free, which is good; as it comes with the boxset cards for all factions. The faction decks will cost, with a price quoted as $6.99.

Lastly was Heap, the new game for Bodgers.  Now, I have never played this, but from the description of Bodgers it sounds like a blast.  Might have to get some, just to let you all know what it is like.  Whatever happens, 2012 is looking to be another kick ass year of gaming and playing.

#privateerpress SR 2012 is now LIVE!

If you don’t already know, the new tournament rules set for Warmachine/Hordes has just been released.  With several new scenarios and some modifications to the existing structure; it is going to add a new dimension to tournament play.

You can get the rules from the Privateer Press website, under the Organised Play section. Or you can just hit my handy link and get whisked off to the page directly.  You will need to scroll right to the very bottom, where the update has been placed.