One of the traders at Claymore this weekend, is one that I use a lot for their MDF bases.  However that is not all they do, if you check out the Warbases website; you will find a myriad of goodies to enjoy.

I had spoken to Martin at Warbases, before going to Claymore; to see if he might be willing to help out with the Scottish Masters.   I had intended on buying some items for the Scottish Masters, small custom tokens for all the players to take away with them.  Getting the small matter of buying 50mm bases and tiny flyer movement tray (a godsend for Dystopian Wars) out the way, I asked about doing custom orders.  What started out as a small purchase, turned into a very generous contribution from Warbases.  Not only will they do the custom bases, they will also be giving some custom keyrings for each player.  We are still waiting on some design issues, but we hope to have a fixed design very soon.  Sadly with it being convention season, PP is swamped with prep for Gen Con, etc.

A big thank you to Martin and the family at Warbases, for their generous contribution to this event.


UK Nationals

As of today (30th May), there are just 6 spaces left for what is shaping up to be the best WM/H tournament in the UK……if not Europe.  So what makes this so special?

First of all, this is the first time it has been held outside the UK Games Expo.  Even though there was a Masters event at the Expo, the UK Nationals is an official PP event.   Much like Lock and Load or Gen Con, Privateer Press have organised and providing all prize support for this event.

So what do we get for the entry fee?  Other then fact that you are taking part in the premier WM/H event, you will get to compete against the best in the UK; while meeting some great people.  Ok you also get an exclusive UK Nationals t-shirt, hints of other ‘goodies’ and food during both days; but they are the fluff to the crunch of butting heads with the best in the UK imo.

So why not come along, you could even come fight me for the wooden spoon (yes my sights are set high); or just experience something different to anything you might have seen before.  It promises to be a fantastic weekend, which will hopefully lead to bigger things in the future.


Circle Battle Engine + Objective Markers

Gencon was a buzz with taunting images of this BE, now though it is almost within players grasps.  I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed back then, but having seen this now; I can see the vast difference between concept to finished product.

Also released soon, will be 50mm Objective Markers; for use in Steamroller 2011 tournaments.  One of the things I like about wargaming; is the visual aspect.  These makers, just like the wreck makers; add that little visual touch of reality to the game.

Remember, October will be a reduced release month.  That said, what better excuse could there be to NOT spend money; than Hordes: Dominiation in November.  The long-awaited release of the Hordes expansion, is looking like something to really look forward too.  Just like Warmachine: Wrath, it will have new Warlocks, Beasts and much more; including all the Battle Engines for all the major factions.  2012 is shaping up to be an interesting year already, one that I am very happy to be a part of.