ETC 2012 – The Teams

While there was lots of teams, the one common thread between them all; was their friendliness to everyone.  Despite this being a competition, there was always time to talk or chat; even during a game.

I didn’t get to know them all, with 54 teams and about 6 different languages; it was hard sometimes to hear your own voice in the vast hall upstairs.  I did however get to know several of the teams, so big thank you to Team Powder Keg for making me feel welcome right from the start (typical Irish craic).  Also thanks to Team Bazinga, showing the rest of the teams that you don’t have to win (all the time), to have fun at these events. The dayglo green tutu, was a lovely touch for the winners in your team.

Good to talk to several other PG’s as well, who were part of their respective teams.  This included Matt and some of the players from Team Avalanche.  Overall a good weekend to connect with people I only know from online, but also to meet new people; who I hope to keep in touch with.

ETC 2012 – The Event

(I will post random pictures from the event, as I took over 140 during the weekend).

There are some things you get to do once in a life time, some you take the chance while it is going.  When the call went out for PG’s at the European Team Championships, I was eager to get my teeth into something big; but daunted by the enormity of the whole prospect.

I want to say this now, that without the backing of my wife; I wouldn’t have gone.  She was fantastic about me doing this, even encouraging me to take this step in the first place.  As it was, it turned out to be the longest, most rewarding and enjoyable WM/H weekend I have had so far.

To give you the scale of this event, there was (in the end) 54 teams; of 4 players each.  That is 216 players all in the same place, playing the same game; at the same time.  GenCon, Lock and Load; I hear you all cry.  Well yes they are bigger with multiple events (Masters, Hardcore, Iron Arena, etc).  ETC’s is the largest single WM/H tournament in the world, to have been part of that is mind blowing in itself.

Held at Maelstrom Games, the venue was ideally suited to this large numbers of players.  With onsite shop, bar and catering; it was an ideal base for players.  Between games players from all over Europe, could socialise and catch up with friends they had made previous years.  Or like me, make new ones; or put faces to names from the PP forum/WH forum.

I’ll finish this post with a big thank you to Tim King, the Event Organiser for Maelstrom Games and all the staff there.  Without them, the weekend would have been chaos (probably was for them); their hard work made it run smoothly.  Would I go back next year?  I’d love too either be a PG at the event, or even take the plunge and enter a team.  Who knows what will happen, I am just glad I was able to be there THIS year.

Scaverous v Khador

Since buying Lord Exhumator Scaverous last year when the model was released, I have played him a couple of times; even ran him in the Glasgow tournament.  Today I headed down to the shop, for our usual Tuesday night session; where I pulled out Scavvy for a couple of games against Khador.

My opponent, Dougie had brought Sorcha, with two Juggernauts and a Descimator; MoW Demolition and Winter Guard Bombadiers..  Lining up against that……

  • Scavvy
  • Erebus
  • Nightwretch x 2
  • Bloodgorgers (Full)
  • Bane Thralls (Min) + UA
  • Gen Gerlak Slaughterborn
  • Skarlock Thrall
  • Pistol Wraith

Second game was against Irusk, Juggernaut and Destroyer; with MoW Kovnik, Manhunter, Marksman, Assault Kommando’s + WA and WG Infantry + UA/WA.  The only change I made to my previous list, was take out the Pistol Wraith to add in Gorman Di Wulfe.  The reason for this, was I completely forgot about the Pistol Wraith; so was wasted 3 points.

The biggest problem with Scaverous, is that he lacks any kind of punch.  To get the most out of him; you need those Arcnodes to open up charge lanes with Telekinesis.  The ability to turn the model’s back to you, is another great advantage; which can be capitalised on using heavy Jacks or charging Weapon Masters (Bane Thralls).  This is pretty much how I played both games, thought attrition was the killer for me.  Even with two Tough units, the dice were dire today; rolling lots of 1’s.  I messed up the Irusk game, but TK’ing the Juggernaut in a position to back strike Erebus; who was breathing down Irusk’s neck.  Losing him, pretty much ended the assassination attempt.

Overall I am pleased with how the games went, some stupid mistakes; but generally a fast decisive set of games.

PG Exchange

It seems like ages, that we started this; but sadly it is drawing to a close tomorrow.  This was the deadline set for all models to be finished, by the PG’s taking part.  I think part of the problem I had, was that I finished the Kayazy Assassins so quickly.  Even painting Nicia, Tear of Vengence; didn’t take me too long.  So most of April, has been spent watching others finishing their models; hoping to spot the one painted for me.

Tonight though, I think it has finally been posted up.  The list we had to supply, was to include one 30mm, one 40mm and one 50mm based model that we would like.  We could also include 2 additional models of any size base, which would mean a choice of 3 – 5 models we had to look out for.  The models I chose were:

  • 30mm – Warwitch Siren
  • 40mm – eGrissel
  • 50mm – Malice

I also added in eSkarre and Dire Troll Mauler.  For the last few weeks, there has been an eSkarre painted by Meg Maples; painter for Privateer Press; posting up WIP.  Now whoever is getting this, is getting an awesome model; which Meg has turned into a diorama.  There was a few times, my excitement built; thinking “Could this be for me?”.

However, there was an eGrissel posted up tonight, that I think will be winging its way across Europe.  From the skin colour to the tartan, it matches everything I was looking for.  It’s that good, that even if I isn’t for me; I’ll be asking the painter how he did the skin tones; as it looks fantastic.

I might try again, to organise an Exchange in our LGS; as it is great fun to do and not just limited to WM/H.  You only get what you ask for, so I could paint tanks for someone who plays Flames of War, but still get WM/H models from whoever paints for me.

Clearing out

A friend recently asked if I wanted to try out EvE Online, having heard him talking about it.  So with 21 days free trial, I thought why not.  Give me something to watch, while I am painting those models that are piling up.

18 GIG!!! Yep that is the disk space you need to install the game client.  So while it is a pain, it is a good thing to clear out the crap that builds up occasionally.  While doing this, I came across a background story I did for a character in Chill.  I will say it was influenced by a book I read, shortly before creating this background; but some might recognise it from a movie influence.  A small warning though, as Chill is a horror RPG; this is a little graphic.

I shall tell you of a story, a story of a man tormented by nightmares that have nothing of the imagination. Sebastian Campbell, 45 (Seb to his friends) grew up in Aberdeen; normal childhood and parents that loved him. On leaving school, he joined the police force; hoping to become an exemplary officer within the Grampian Police Force. Having reached the rank of Sergeant, it took only one incident to forever destroy his life and career.

It was a frosty and cold November morning, when Sgt. Seb Campbell attended what was reportedly a domestic disturbance in Dunbar St; near Aberdeen University. From the outside No 28 looked normal, apart from the couple of constables outside the property; there was nothing to hint at what lay inside. Going up the path towards the house, he took note of the PC’s at the door. Both looked ashen faced and shaking violently, one looked up from being sick; his uniform spotted in places. In his long career Seb, had attended many scenes of horror; what he found on entering the house was nothing to his previous experiences.


Even before he reached the threshold, there was a smell so foul it almost making him join the vomiting constable outside. Think of all the worst smells you know, putrefied meat, soured milk with a hint of weeks old bodily wastes; then double it. Forcing himself not to gag, he breathed shallowly as he moved from the hall to the left; into the sitting room. Finding nothing unusual throughout the lower floor; he made his way cautiously up the stairs.

Here the smell was even stronger, he nearly ran then; the smell was unbelievable. Hardly daring to breathe now, he entered the room on the right; what greeted him was to haunt him for the rest of his life. Seemingly suspended in mid-air, arms wide almost in benediction was a corpse. The body had been skinned completely, blood pooled beneath the suspended feet. As his mind was trying to assimilate all of this, the door to the room suddenly slammed shut; like the crack of a fired gun. Whirling around, he grabbed the handle, frantically trying to open the door. Now he was scared, the door refused to budge, his hands hammering on it; in a vain attempt to attract attention. A scream ripped from his throat, when a hand fell on his shoulder; blood smearing over his shoulders as he turned. Spinning around, his scream intensified as the skinless face was inches from his; eyeless sockets seeming to glow with an unnatural light. The whispering voice in is mind, almost drowned out by his own screaming.


“Kill me please, don’t let them get me” it pleaded, the eyeless sockets seeming to bore into Sebs mind with a force that stilled his pitiful sobs. Unable to look away, Seb watched as the body was suddenly yanked backwards like a rag doll; arms and legs flailing wildly in the air. Propelled across the room, the corpse screamed, heard only in Seb’s mind; it didn’t mask the sounds of bones snapping as the body became unnaturally contorted out of shape. As suddenly as it had started; the room became still again. Body twisted out of shape, the head looked up one last time; a plea for help seeming to form before an inhuman scream shattered whatever sanity Seb had left. Unable to look away, he saw the legs and arms ripped from the body first. Blood flying everywhere, the last screams of the victim ended abruptly, with the head being ripped violently from the body; landing not 2 feet in front of Seb.


Even before the rest of the pieces had fallen to the floor, Seb was running for the window; diving through and landing in a bloody heap in the garden of No 28 Dunbar Road. He wishes now, whatever it was had killed him on that day. His life couldn’t continue as it had done before, not when his best friend was a bottle of Grouse. Dismissed from the force, evicted and eventually drifting through life from one bottle to the next; he eventually found himself on the streets of Edinburgh. Perhaps his only hope of ending the nightmares was to find reasons for that day. It was a chance meeting with a Doctor that brought perhaps some kind of surcease to the torment.