Ok so being a Cryx player I still have about a month to wait for the Colossal goodness; that is the Kraken.

In the meantime though, I got my hands on the Warmachine: Colossals book; which if you didn’t know already is the next expansion to the game.  A lot of complaints has arisen over the lack of models, other than the Legendary Casters and the Colossals.  Given Wrath had, Caster + Jacks + Solo’s + UA; it is understandable some might feel aggrieved.

However, I am one that actually likes the fact, there is little to distract from models; that are going to add a whole new depth to the game.  I’ve always had the feeling since Wrath/Domination that the Battle Engines were a test, of the market and of potential production issues.  Given the release of the new expansion, it is time to release the Colossals on to the Warmachine/Hordes players; as PP have wanted to do for many years.

I for one, am looking forward to the Kraken next month.  Along with Asphyxious the Hellbringer, I am going to have to look at getting more models.

The fight continues….

One of the things that was pretty clear yesterday, was that players; no matter their experience level were taking it seriously.  3 eHaley lists, 4 eDenny list (including mine) and a couple of eCaine.

Game 3 –  v  (Close Quarters Scenario)

After last weekend at the Tartan Brawl, I was NOT going to get caught out again by this scenario.  That said, the thought of running up against eHaley didn’t appeal to either of my casters (eDenny or Scaverous).  Without realising it (till now), I made the best choice in picking Scavvy for this one.  The biggest advantage I had with this, was my infantry shutting down his shooting Jacks rapidly.  With a Defender and Charger, wailing on my DJ and 2 units of McThralls; it wasn’t going to be a long battle.  Add in Black 13th, it was a struggle to get in fast enough to do anything effective.  That said, the application of Scrap Thrall to the face (from my Nightwretch wreckmarker); soon sorted out the last of his Black 13th.  I got a little worried with Scavvy being so exposed, in the middle of the board; but other then a charge (and really bad dice) he came through safely.  Though I am severe disappointed, I messed up big time in that I could have picked up Haley with the DJ and thrown her out of Killbox (cue evil maniacal laughter).

Game 4 –  v  (A Flag to Far scenario)

I mentioned in the first bit, that I was struggling with the time pressure, well this was just a disaster; because of that time issue.  eDenny v eThagrosh should have been a reasonably good match up, except for the idiot driving the Stupid Bus that day.  When you walk your Caster up to within charge range of not just a Carnivean; but also a Seraph which promptly assassinated eDenny.  How did this happen?  Well simply put, I had intended to use Feat and go Incorporeal; but got caught up in time pressure making me move on to the next model.  Word of advice to anyone in this situation, make sure you finish ALL actions with your model before moving on to the next.  Do everything with your KEY models first, then worry about support or non-essential models for that turn.  It was vital I had that feat in place, or at the very least was Incorporeal to stop the very thing that happened.

Game 5 – v (Envelopment scenario)

Final game and one that I won and lost.  eCaine v eDenny, my biggest worry was going to be Black 13th + Arcane Tempest Gun Mages + UA + GM Adept.  Biggest advantage to me though, was the scenario, which didn’t stop me winning on scenario; claiming 3 CP.  Yes I did say I won on scenario, this is the win part.  Denny had used her feat and gone Incorporeal the previous turn, to stop the Thunderhead and Caine moving out of charge range of the Nightmare.  Slamming the Nightmare into the Thunderhead, knocking it out of the CZ to claim a point.  Having already claimed a point, I just needed Denny to survive a turn of eCaine going feat ballistic on her (nearly impossible with no focus).  This is another reason to do KEY models first, as it was my opponent left Caine till last.  As such having just done 14 pts of damage to Denny; he ran out of time Denny survived by 4.  I really didn’t need to do anything to claim the 3rd CP or just go for the assassination run.  However, in a fit of sympathy and kindness; I told the organiser my opponent won.

In hindsight I won’t do it again, as I made the choice to be a little more competitive this year.  Whatever the reason for doing it, I hope my opponent and many others out there see that it isn’t just about winning.  I really enjoyed yesterday, getting 5 games in a row was awesome; as well as giving me a lot of experience/ideas.  To get essentially 3 wins was even better, but it isn’t about the winning for me.  It’s about helping the game grow and build in Scotland, even if that means I become the Ritual Sacrificial to the Pirate Queen that is Privateer Press.