Happy Birthday

No, it’s not my birthday; but it is my wife’s birthday today. We have had a lovely day out and spent some time with our family. Overall, despite the personal issues, things have been good.

So your probably wondering why I am mentioning this on a gaming blog. Well, it’s been a tradition since we have been together; to make or paint her something unique. I’ve posted models I’ve painted for her on the blog in the past, however this one has to be the biggest one I’ve painted. 54mm, special edition Fallen Angel model from Freebooter.

After lots of hassles with the now defunct Maelstrom games, I bought directly from Freebooter. I’ve probably posted it on here before, but for those not familiar with it –


So some WIP ones from about November

 photo IMAG0701.jpg

 photo IMAG0704.jpg

 photo IMAG0703.jpg

 photo IMAG0700.jpg

 photo IMAG0699.jpg

 photo IMAG0702.jpg

With some shots of the finished model….

 photo IMAG0710.jpg

 photo IMAG0709.jpg

 photo IMAG0707.jpg

 photo IMAG0706.jpg

 photo IMAG0705.jpg

 photo IMAG0711.jpg

 photo IMAG0708.jpg

Painting Progress

It’s kind of ironic that the thing to get me back into painting, is the Paralympics; sports for people with disabilities like me.  Sadly Warmachine/Hordes won’t be there for Rio in 4 years time, so those dreams are shattered.

On to the painting though, the reason your here.  Finally got finished on the Freebooter model for my wife, it still needs some matt varnish on it; but I’m ok happy with this.  Biggest problem I have just now, is skin tones; which I can use my normal method.  This consisted of Vallejo Basic Skin Tone, with GW Gryphon Sepia as subtle shadows.  I liked this method as it allowed me to control the darkness of the shadows, better than thinned paints.  However, as I can’t get hold of the Sepia any more (thank you GW….not); it has resulted in moving to a new way.

Here’s some pics of the finished Fairy of the Woods from Freebooter, along with the Carnivean I started months ago; but only just getting around to finishing.

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