Dreaded Lurgy

Woke up yesterday, with a throat that felt like I had swallowed a Hairy Caber….sideways.  Thankfully it wasn’t that, but I blame my daughter for bringing the Canadian Cold back with her.  This doesn’t bode well for this weekend, where I will need to be on my best form. Most especially my throat, which will be needed to shout in a crowded events hall.

The last few things are coming together, trophies and boards to be picked up on Thursday.  Spot prizes will be on Friday, which will hopefully give everyone involved something to walk away with something.  I’ve decided to also pay for the trophies myself, to make the prize pot sponsored by Worlds at War; more worthwhile.  There will be the usual top 3 prizes, plus a single prize for a random player; not in the top 3.  There will also be one other prize, which will be a Trigger Prize. A Trigger Prize, is a reward for an unspecified event happening during the tournament.  It could be something as simple as rolling double 6 or snake eyes.  The only problem, is the players don’t know what the trigger is going to be.

I love being a devious, sneaky git; it makes this weekend so much fun for me as well as the players hopefully.