Circle Battle Engine + Objective Markers

Gencon was a buzz with taunting images of this BE, now though it is almost within players grasps.  I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed back then, but having seen this now; I can see the vast difference between concept to finished product.

Also released soon, will be 50mm Objective Markers; for use in Steamroller 2011 tournaments.  One of the things I like about wargaming; is the visual aspect.  These makers, just like the wreck makers; add that little visual touch of reality to the game.

Remember, October will be a reduced release month.  That said, what better excuse could there be to NOT spend money; than Hordes: Dominiation in November.  The long-awaited release of the Hordes expansion, is looking like something to really look forward too.  Just like Warmachine: Wrath, it will have new Warlocks, Beasts and much more; including all the Battle Engines for all the major factions.  2012 is shaping up to be an interesting year already, one that I am very happy to be a part of.

DJ Complete – 8/8/11

I finally got it finished last night about midnight, with the first coat of gloss varnish within 5 minutes; the next an hour later.  I’d need to check the posts, but I figure I have been working on this for about a month now.  It’s been a long, hard month; but I think the rewards have been worth it.  For those lucky enough to be in Kirkcaldy at Kingdom of Adventure next Saturday (20th), you will get to see this on the table at their tournament.  For those not able to see it up close and personal, hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Wrath Launch Event

Last month Wrath was released, causing a stir among the players of Warmachine and Hordes.  The first expansion to MkII, it gave players of Warmachine factions, a little more detail on new models and the continuing story of the Iron Kingdoms.  In honor of this, I had organized a steamroller tournament; in which the winner would get their hands on a free copy of the book.

This was actually my first tournament ever, run by me in Worlds at War. Sadly I didn’t (and still don’t) have Pressganger status, so this couldn’t be called official.  That didn’t stop it being a great event and day for all concerned.  Of the 12 players booked in, 10 appeared; lists in hand ready to do battle.  I used a piece of software called Dohyou 1.1.2 (though this is also a good program LostBlue), which made things easier; but a little more complicated.

Look at the concentration

Other than one problem with final round match ups, the day went really smoothly and ended within the timeframe I had hoped for.  The biggest joy of running this event, was that we had 3 players, who had never played WM/H in competition.  Sometimes it can be scary, but these guys did really well; winning a couple of games as well.

Deploying, ready for carnage!

The eventual winner, was Michael Murray; deserved winner with a demolishing 4 – 0 record for the day.  Close second and third were Stephen McLeish and Tam Fullard; with Stuart Walker one of our first timers claimed the wooden spoon.

Despite my nerves, it was a good day; so roll on 27th August.

Ennies 2011

Way back in the mists of time, there was a podcast called Shotgun or Grapple. They had just started out, when along came GenCon and the Ennies. GenCon is still the greatest gaming event of the year, in which the gamers themselves get to vote for their favourites at the Ennies Awards.  At the time, it was noticed there was little in the way of wargames; the awards being dominated by RPG’s.  Having just started out in Warmachine, I was surprised; considering the timing of MkII it should have been nominated. It wasn’t, neither was Privateer Press as a whole.

As part of the podcast, we got to learn a lot about the Ennies; how they worked plus some plans for the future.  One of those plans, was to create new categories and redefine others.  So it was with great joy that I saw Privateer Press nominated in several categories – Best Miniatures Product (Khador Gun Carriage), as well as the chance to vote for them as your favourite publisher.

There was no question about the publisher, Privateer Press have continued to build on MkI; with MkII and now Wrath.  The one I had problems with, was the Miniatures Product.  I found this really tough, as up against the Gun Carriage; was the Battletech 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set.  I played Battletech for over 10 years, only losing interest in it; when Wizards got their grubby corporate hands on it.  With the re-launch from Catalyst Game Labs, Battletech is looking to have revived that old feel I enjoyed so much.  I have to admit that I cracked, Battletech got my 1st vote; with Khador BE getting my 2nd.  I beg forgiveness, as I AM a Cryx player; so its not in my nature to vote for some limp wristed namby-pamby faction (just kidding lol).  There is another reason I voted as I did, that is because the category is Miniatures PRODUCT.  While the Gun Carriage is a miniature, I don’t feel it is a complete product.  You still need other things to use it, where as the Box Set is a complete system; with miniatures included.

Whatever you think, go vote; show your support to all the hard working people.  Irrespective of what games you play, all the publishers deserve recognition for their time and effort.  So go vote here


Lord Exhumator Scaverous – Build Tutorial

I first of all have to apologise, for starting this in the middle of building the model. Part of the enjoyment of Warmachine is putting the parts together. Only to realise I should have recorded what I did.  So before I go any further, here is what I have done so far.

As you can see the legs have been attached, to do this I drilled and pinned them (obviously lol).  It takes a little fiddling before hand, so that both feet are level on the ground.  I started with the right leg, pinning it in place; then placing it on the table adjusted the left leg (without pinning).  This lets me see the kind of position the torso will achieve.  If you don’t, you could potentially have them gazing at the sky or crashing head first into the ground.  Once I was happy I drilled and pinned the left leg; but didn’t glue it.  Try to use something as a guide, as to where the leg will sit.  In this case, there is a spur on the back of the leg; which brushes against the ‘skirt’.

The circled area is where the ‘feelers’ will go later.  You can see the spur just resting against the skirt, I knew that this was the prime position I wanted. One tip is to measure and judge, BEFORE you glue anything; especially if your pinning parts.  Once I had both legs done, I could judge the position I wanted it on the base.  I happened to acquire a piece of red slate, which I really liked for a base.  Using apoxy, I attached it to the base; then drilled a pin hole on one side.  I am not going to paint Scaverous on the base, so the pin is in the base; not Scaverous’ foot.

Next up, the smoke stacks on the chassis.  From pictures on the Privateer Press site, I could see the general area they were situated.  The circled area is the pinning point, though as you can see it’s not a perfect fit.  Some green stuff or putty will sort this out later.  The head is just super-glued, though in hindsight I may take this off again.  Reason being, is that the ‘feelers are awkward to position with the head in place.

The staff weapon, strangely comes in two parts.  While not a difficult job, it does take patience and careful drilling.  This will need some green stuff, but it’s pinned and secure; which is all that matters.

One thing that I don’t like with some Privateer Press models, is their insistence on making weapons double handed like the above.  When you have two arms and a weapon to position; yet only have one pair of hands…..nightmare.  My original idea, was to cut the hand off (as circled above); pinning the hilt to the main shaft.  As sculpting is not a strong skill I possess, it’s daunting to say the least.  So I’ve decided to do this in two parts, the torso section; and the weapon/arms section. Both with be put together, once it’s painted.

The next part will be arms and weapon section, which I promise will be a step-by-step.