Vagaries of Life

This last week has been a nightmare of stress and problems, which not all of them relate to the Scottish Masters.  I was up in Dundee for a Who’s the Boss event, run by Frazer; which was a lot of fun.  Adding in a charity element to the event, made not only some money for charity; but gave us one of the best laughs all day.  Seeing two players outbidding each other NOT to use Zerkova, as their caster for that round; was funny as anything I’ve seen in a while.

So to come down from that high, to a sick cat (literally all the time sick), Rankings HQ, and a parcel sent back to Micro Art Studio; as the Post Office can’t be bothered to knock my door and/or post a card.  I am very grateful to Kacper at Micro Art Studio for offering to resend the items, as I saw some of the bases on Saturday; and they are very good detail and quality.

Overall this week has left me a little worse for wear…..and it’s not even Friday.  Tomorrow I order the trophies, which will be the last of the things we are needing to get towards the Scottish Masters.

There is one bright moment in all this darkness, which arrived just as I was about to write this post.  Bob, Steve and the great folks at PP/Cerberus, have sent along some models as prizes/support/etc not all of them WM/H; there is a couple of IKRPG ones in there as well.  So this begs the question.   Where do I sign up for this event, with all these goodies on offer?


Dundee Training SR

Well today was a trip to Dundee, for the first of two events leading up to the Nationals.  Due to the store owner flying out to Vegas, I was asked to run the event for them.

17 players, should normally have been 5 rounds; but the owner asked for this to be cut to 3 rounds due to various aspects.  If nothing else it allowed players who were attending the Nationals, to test all three of their lists.  Sadly I wasn’t one of them, due to not having the Malice card; as well as a second Machine Wraith.

My lists for the day were: (sorry for the lack of pictures, phone died after the first game; after using it as a chess clock timer)

  • Mortenebra + Deryliss (Tier 4 Infernal Machines)
  • Deathjack
  • Seether
  • Seether
  • Harrower
  • Scavenger
  • Stalker x 2
  • Warwitch Siren x 2
  • Necrotech + Scrap Thrall
  • Scrap Thrall

Other list was one I put together, just so I could run the Kraken today.

  • Warwitch Deneghra
  • Skarlock Thrall
  • Kraken
  • Seether
  • Deathripper x 2
  • Warwitch Siren
  • Mechanithralls (10) x 2
  • Necrosurgeon + Stitch x 2
  • Necrotech + Scrap

First game was against Bloody Barnabas, which was just a slugfest, drawn out and hard fought on both battle.  I ran Denny in this game, hoping the Kraken would come good against the masses of Posse.  Sadly this didn’t pan out with the dice, who seemed to roll good one minute; then absolutely dire the next.  Taking a risk, exposing Denny a little more than I should; in the hopes of ending the game before I timed out.  Loss via Assassination, with 1 CP claimed; Destruction scenario.

Second game was Nemo (can’t remember which), Stormwall, Rowdy and Thunderhead; as the main forces.  I put up Morty this time, figuring that the best way to deal with any Colossal is to ignore it; in favour of speed.  The other reason is I just love playing Morty, who can when done right get an assassination out of nowhere.  As it turned out, this is pretty much how it happened, with Stalkers flanking, Seethers and Scavenger working the Overrun play; to put the Seether in Nemo’s face for the win. Win via Assassination, no CP (domination foiled by a Storm Pod); Outflank scenario.

Last game was Morty v Ossyan, not the best match up and it showed in the end with the Seether assassination foiled by Admonition.  Scrambling to claim control points left Morty exposed to MHSF, Destor and Ossyan.  If not for Admonition, it would have hurt Ossyan a fair bit.  Loss via Assassination, 1 CP: Incursion scenario.


Make it stop…..

The pressure of trying to paint these models in time, is starting to get to me.  My main focus seems to be on the Kraken just now, to the point that the Blood Hags are just being left unfinished just now.  That said, the Kraken *should* be ready for action this weekend in Dundee; with perhaps one last hard push I can have if finished tomorrow or Friday.

In other news I have decided on the following Casters; at least for the time being.  The choices were mostly because of knowledge of the Casters and my enjoyment of playing them.  Of them all, Morty is my favourite; having DJ and 2 Seethers for an opponent to contend with under Morty’s feat/spells; it so much fun.

  • Mortenebra (+ Deryliss) – Tier 4 (Infernal Machines)
  • pDeneghra – Non Tier
  • The Witch Coven of Ghalgast (+ Egregore) – Tier 4 (Machine Minds)


Just to remind everyone what my DJ looks like…..Mwaaaahhh!



Dundee Battle Report

Just getting time now (Sunday) to post this up.  It was a long, but exciting day in sunny Dundee yesterday.  Total of 19 players turned up, with some from as north as Aberdeen; West as Glasgow and South as yours truly.

Game 1 – Cryx v Circle (Incursion scenario)

I am really not happy with myself on this game, I made some stupid errors that cost me the game.  Essentially my opponent was running Mohsar, dropping Pillars of Salt to stop me getting to the flags from Incursion scenario.  The errors, are that I didn’t pick up on the fact; he couldn’t place the Pillar ON the flag.  Second mistake was thinking I had to go around it, I had a fricking Deathjack; which could have walked up and sorted out the problem.  As it was, it came to Dice Down and he had managed to kill 4 points more than me.

Game 2 – Cryx v Cryx (Demolition scenario)

I really enjoyed this game, though not because of the result.  It was mostly for the fact it was eDenny v eGaspy (Tier 4).  I haven’t got to play much of the new scenarios, so playing this one was a learning experience too.  The Explosive Cache can be brutal, if you catch things right.  With eDenny, this i always possible.  Going first, ran everything, Nightmare Ghostly through terrain; Nightwretch in a good position to channel and use it’s AOE.  eDenny within walking distance of controlling the Cache, with a wall of infantry to get through.  Turn 2, walk up use her Feat; lock up opponents Gaspy, DJ and some Banes which block the ones behind.  Nightmare begins the process of clearing out the CZ, with the help of the Warwitch Siren.  The trick I liked mostly though, is hitting something with Hellmouth; then using the Cache to take out anything left over.  POW 12, followed by POW 14; there isn’t much that is going to walk away undamaged. Scenario win – 4 CP (2 claimed on the last turn OBJ + CZ, which I just checked IS allowed on this scenario).

Part 2 will be the final 3 games, in which I taste victory and show that Cryx players have a heart too.

Madness of a PG

It’s…..too fricking early and I am getting ready to go to Dundee.  Heading up to Highlander Games, where they are holding a Domination event.  It’s not really madness, more the fact that being a PG; you take any opportunity to play in tournaments.

So with freezing cold, icy conditions; I attempt to travel to the Frigid North.  Actually put that way, it does sound like complete and utter madness.  Wish me luck, the Trollbloods are going to need it.