Slow and Steady #PP

Well I finally got to work on the PG exchange models, well one of them at least.  I am not having a good time of it really, I keep having flashbacks to the days of putting the Nyss Hunters together.  All spindly arms and a ton of super glue.

There is one good thing I have learned from the Nyss though, that is how to drill small pieces.  I think I might need to get some new grey stuff/green stuff, as I managed to hold the arms in place; long enough (over 24 hours) for me to drill carefully through to pin them.  Then picking the grey stuff off, I just pinned and superglued in place.  It’s made the whole job a little easier, as I am not needing 5 pairs of hands to hold, drill and keep it steady.  One down, just one more to do; bring on the metal music……metal mini’s see what I did there….oh never mind.