UK Nationals Report

I am back home safe, after a long exhausting weekend at the UK Nationals.  First of all, congratulations to all the organisers and officials for a great weekend.  Other than some technical issues, the whole event ran smoothly and with very few problems. I can’t say that it was all fun, there are parts of the event that were a disappointment for me personally; however the overall impression is that it is a great beginning.

I had written all my notes on the spare army list sheet; which I was using as my copy.  After game 3, the ‘official’ sheet went missing and I was forced to hand in my copy (with notes); after each round.  As it turned out, I forgot to ask for it back at the end; most likely due to tiredness.  So please forgive me, if I don’t remember the full details of each game.

Round 1 – This was not the match up I had wanted at all.  I travelled all the way from Scotland, only to face one of our local players in the first round.  Credit to Steve McConnachie, his Rask list murdered my Coven list; bringing the game to a final brutal end. Loss via Assassination, with no CP claimed; ???? Scenario

Round 2 – On reading my lists, my opponent thought I would take pDenny; given that facing Retribution would be a default to Stealth.  Thing about that, is that I don’t play like others; I play what I like not what others think is best.  So Ravyn v Morty was the match up, which was a seesaw affair with the heavy jacks causing my opponent a few problems.  Eiryss got held up by a Stalker, but it was the Mage Hunter Strike Force with Shadow Hunter that came closest to killing Morty in turn 2.  It took Hyperion to eventually take that last point off Morty, who had held on long enough for DJ to be within range of an assassination on Ravyn. Loss via Assassination, with 2 CP claimed; ????? scenario

Round 3 – With 25 Cryx players there, it was a tale of woe for many; that they faced the faction multiple times.  Portal from France was my first Cryxian opponent, but also a really nice guy as well.  It was also a Kraken face off, with Portal running pGaspy with his Kraken; against my pDenny list.  One thing I will say, is that I appreciated the fact that Portal played the same way as I believe “You declare it, you did it”.  None of this “Oh it’s not going to work that way, so I’ll try something slightly different”.  Even though it cost me the game in the end, I admire that about him to stick to that view. Loss via Assassination, with no CP claimed; ???? scenario

Round 4 – This is perhaps the most close game I have ever played in 3 years of WM/H.  Scenario was Incursion (at least I remember that), with pDenny and the Kraken taking on pKruger with Pureblood and 2 Stalkers.  With the right hand flag disappearing, this left the board open on the left.  I struggled to clear out the Druids, with the Kraken’s unicorn gun; so decided to change tact; to one of salvaging as many CP’s as possible.  Shielding Denny with the Kraken, as much as possible; took out the Stalker contesting the flag on the left.  Claiming 3 CP, with my opponent needing to assassinate Denny to stop me winning. In hindsight, I was silly for not asking for a judge to check the LOS to Denny, after Kruger had Telekenisis himself to what he thought was viable LoS.  It was a 50/50 call as to whether he had LoS, at a crucial point in the game; so lesson learned is to not be so easy going.  Loss via Assassination, with 3 CP claimed; Incursion scenario

By my reckoning, it was nearly 12 hours straight of gaming on the Saturday; with little break between rounds to recover.  I didn’t get back into my hotel room till about 10:30pm, which had made this one hell of a long day with little food or rest.  Not sure about UK Masters, but by Sunday morning I felt like I’d run the Iron Gauntlet.

Part 2 – 2nd day with some pics from the event.


Glasgow is Back

With the scene in Glasgow quiet recently, it was good to finally get back there to play.  The new PG Michael, was running his first event since taking the black.  It was also a good run for those tweaking their lists ahead of the UK Nationals this weekend.

Due to circumstances I still haven’t run the Coven list yet.  Not the most ideal situation, given some new models (Malice, Iron Lich Overseers) and rules (Jack Marshall); I have to contend with on the day in competition.  That said, it would be par for course in my WM/H history; jumping in feet first and just enjoying the ride to the bottom.

So how did I do in Glasgow? Surprisingly better than I thought.  Running the same Morty/pDenny lists, I came close in both games I played.

First game was against one of best players in Scotland imo.  PDenny v Kromac, it wasn’t plain sailing on either side of the board; as initial devastation of the twin McThrall units left Denny with the Seether and Kraken to threaten Kromac.  Kraken had already slammed and killed Getarix; knocking down a Warpwolf Stalker in the process.  Sadly the 2nd Stalker, with the help of Shifting Stones got teleported behind Denny (failed domination of flag) to rip her to pieces. It was one of those, kill her or be killed moments.  Loss via Assassination, with no CP claimed; Incursion scenario

My other game was against Luke, who was right royally shafted by his dice and a lapse of concentration.  As it was Divide and Conquer, I chose to use Morty against eSkarre; the movement sisters (Overrun/Perdition). Game should have been over on turn two, under Skarre’s feat turn Morty left exposed to Nightmare or Deathjack; Luke forgot about the model during his turn.  This prevented him removing the Seether from the zone and dominating it.  With little desire to put all my jacks into melee without attacking, I used their movement to cover Morty while threatening the Satyxis Raiders on the left flank with my Deathjack.  Doing damage limitation (contesting the zone), I dragged Morty over to the flag to dominate that.  Sadly Perdition on Luke’s DJ ended with Morty on the end of a DJ fist. Loss via Assassination, with no CP claimed; Outflank scenario

Overall a great day, despite losing the games; they could really have gone either way.  Which is another reason I love this game, it ain’t over till Grissell sings.


The Kraken Awakens

Ok I’m not going to get tired of saying that, seeing as I am of the age to remember the original (and still the best) Clash of the Titans film.

Anyway, this isn’t about 1980’s cinema; this is about the newest addition to my army.  Yea I know it’s not released until August, but I love it now more than when I saw the artwork.  Watch the video to see what all the hype is about.

Not impressed yet? Yea I know it’s a little early to be getting this excited, but to be honest I was disappointed by the Battle Engines; the Kraken on the other hand has everything the BE should have had last year.  Take note, looks like the Coven might be my next Caster(s), before this is released; given they are in the video… this a clue of things to come? eCoven perhaps?

Or maybe the video footage is all red herrings, as this is just playtesting; seeing if the Kraken will break the game. Not that Cryx is broken folks, it’s just your imaginations; plus you obviously haven’t got the right tools to fix it.