Cracking On

Christmas saw models piling up to be painted and/or finished with photo’s.  Today I spent a lot of the time, feeling ill; but I did manage to get some painting done; as well as pictures of the Bushido models.

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Long before this though (about 4 months), I bought the Withershadow Combine.  Finally I am getting started on them as well today, so far I have done a little base coating; but I am liking it already.

Lastly today, I have been working on Kallus, Wrath of Everblight.  As you will see, studio scheme is not my choice (nor will it ever be).  The theme for my Legion will be red and black, working on Kallus is experimental at the moment; but I have always liked the contrast of black/red.

Bushido Update

I thought I better pull my finger out and get some sort of update done for this game.  I haven’t been idle in painting these miniatures, just not very productive recently.

After cleaning up the models, I primed them white.  Normally I use black primer, but as I am doing skin tones; I prefer white.  First up was Jin, the only female model in the group.  Not sure why, but I always like painting female figures.  Even my wife, says I paint them better than any of the male figures; of which she has claimed several of them (eEiryss and Taryn di la Rovissi).  As part of my plan for these models, I was trying to take pictures along the way.  Sadly this fell to the wayside, like the painting did.  However I did get this really nice photo, before I started painting.

From Jin I moved to Yoshio, which I have to admit; I didn’t enjoy painting. Perhaps compared to Jin, he is very static in the pose.  I think having him similar to Jin, might have been better.  My thought is casting costs, to keep the costs down; they made it as simple a design as possible.  Whatever it is, I think it; along with the anemia knocked my painting bug askew.

Next up was Hanso, which I haven’t quite finished yet.  For those of us that paint, there are moments when your busy painting and think WTF!  I had one of those moments with Hanso.  If anyone watches The Apprentice (UK), they will know what Lord Sugar looks like, well now I have Lord Sugar Hanso in my Bushido army.

Hanso has turned out to be a fairly easy job, with lots of big areas.  That said, as you can see I am coming up to the detailed parts and highlighting; so that will take time.  Overall I am happy with the progress, given health issues.  I am even more happy with the colour scheme, which is good considering I wasn’t being inspired at first.

So 3 models down, 2 to go.  Oh and Takashi’s head’s come off, thanks to my cat; thank you very much Pongo.

Nope wasn’t me!

Bushido Stalled

Due to a dose of the condition known as bad take out, I have kind of stalled this week on doing anything Bushido related.  Here is the grand some of what I have done…….

Daughter of the Empire??

For those of you who enjoy fantasy novels, may get the reference to Daughter of the Empire.  For those not aware, do a quick Google search of it.  You will now see why, the armour is green; despite my initial idea being Black/Red.  There will be better pictures to follow, as well as pictures up to this point; but I just wanted to post something to show they haven’t been forgotten.

Oh and the models for the Breast Cancer Brawl, will be posted tomorrow. Check out Hendybadgers blog soon, for pictures of all the entries into the competition.

All quiet…..


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Part of the reason, for little painting being done; is that I have been suffering from anaemia.  Thankfully though, I have it under control and got some painting done last night.

I’ve started on my Bushido models, as there has been some interest at the shop in this game. At the moment I have only done the basic flesh, but hopefully I can have something to show by the end of the week.  As promised, I’ll be making a photo blog of this; so others can see.


Bushido Unboxing Pt 3

This is all the rules set, in my hurry to get this up; I forgot the stat cards so they will be Pt 4 tomorrow.

Colour is limited in this, but that doesn't stop it being beautifully detailed with artwork.

Inside Front Cover, again gorgeous colour artwork.

There are several of these diagrams throughout the booklet, good thing for simpletons like me.

Despite it being Black and White, the picture is clear and shading crisp.

Even though only the front and back are colour, this doesn't cheapen the rules set in anyway. The booklet is pocket sized and compact enough, to be easily stored.