Pile o Bits – DJ Build

As of the last post about the Deathjack build, I had already started clean up of the parts.  If you count the spikes on his hands as separate pieces (4 on each hand), there is a grand total of 34 pieces to clean of mold lines, etc.

This is the pile just now

Whole lota metal

On the right, where the DJ hand is poking out; this is the stuff that has already been done.  The other parts are still to be done, mostly because they are tiny and fiddly pieces.  As I occasionally find my hands cramping up (Carpal Tunnel perhaps??),  when working on smaller pieces; I have to take these slowly.

Anyway when I look at the picture above, I have this sinking dread of impending doom.  I know something is going to go wrong, but touch wood (my desk) and the nearest thing to it (my Jack Daniels teacup); nothing will go wrong.  Now I’ll leave you with the nightmare that I see every night now –

No please mummy......no more!!!