Breast Cancer Brawl

Check out Hendybadgers blog soon for a full report, but for now; I can happily announce that they raised a total of £466.51 on the day.  That is a fantastic amount and all credit to Ian for organising everything.  A big thanks also to everyone who donated something, played in the tournament or donated monetarily to this wonderful cause.

A big thank you also to these companies/groups, who donated prizes for the tournament –

Hopefully there will be photos soon on Ian’s blog, but once again well done everyone.

Bushido Stalled

Due to a dose of the condition known as bad take out, I have kind of stalled this week on doing anything Bushido related.  Here is the grand some of what I have done…….

Daughter of the Empire??

For those of you who enjoy fantasy novels, may get the reference to Daughter of the Empire.  For those not aware, do a quick Google search of it.  You will now see why, the armour is green; despite my initial idea being Black/Red.  There will be better pictures to follow, as well as pictures up to this point; but I just wanted to post something to show they haven’t been forgotten.

Oh and the models for the Breast Cancer Brawl, will be posted tomorrow. Check out Hendybadgers blog soon, for pictures of all the entries into the competition.

Breast Cancer Brawl

North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics will be holding a charity event on behalf of Mermaid Centre in North Cornwall.  Full details are here.

As part of this event they will be holding a special Steamroller event, as well as a Paint it Pink painting contest.  This is a great event and a worthy cause, so if you have any help you can give these guys/gals; would be much appreciated.