Insider 10-12-2011

I am not the type of blogger, to post up every bit of news from Privateer Press; or the gaming world for that matter.  However I will post up things, that I find interesting or feel they are worthy of being passed on.

Today’s PP Insider from Jen Ikuta, is one I would like people to read please. Cancer is a faceless killer, which doesn’t care who it strikes.  However, through research and care, it can be defeated; but that takes money.  At the top of my blog, there is a page for NCBB Breast Cancer Brawl; this Saturday.  Even though the event is over 500 miles away, I have done what I could to help out. It may only be painting a couple of models, but it could potentially mean helping someone to survive this debilitating condition.

Privateer Press support this cause every year, along with Foodmachine; to raise money or donations for these charities.  All I would ask, is that you find out if your local shop/store is doing an event and help out anyway you can. With the way things have fallen this year, it is a little late to be organising anything.  Come next year though, there will be a full on Hardcore fund-raising event for Breast Cancer Brawl and Foodmachine.

I wish Hendybadger and everyone involved on Saturday, all the best and lets hope you raise lots of money for a good cause.

Breast Cancer Brawl – Oct 15th

pink ribbon

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With just 3 weeks to go till this event, Ian Henderson of North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics; has updated the prizes for this great event.

Breast Cancer Brawl Prize Update

This is as up to date as of 17th September, so the people helping in this great endeavor have some great things to anticipate.  The prizes aren’t the important things though, raising money to help those suffering Cancer and their families; is most important to all involved in this event.

If you would like to help them out, contact Ian on his blog or post a message on the Beasts and Bionics Facebook pages.  Everything donated goes straight to the event or the charity itself.  Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to post some models to Ian; to auction off for lots of money.

Sisters of No Mercy

It’s only Tuesday, but I am about 90% done with Feora now.  I have to admit that pink was never a colour I thought about using, now though I am thinking of other models I would love to paint pink.

It’s been such great fun doing these models, to know they will go towards helping others; makes it even better.  So here is a couple of photo’s taken with my phone.

Bushido Unboxing Pt 1

As noted earlier today, the starter set arrived today for Bushido.  I had planned on leaving the unboxing until later, as I am in the middle of doing the Feora model; for the Breast Cancer Brawl.

As tomorrow is open gaming day at Worlds at War, I thought it would be good to show off the starter; perhaps gain some interest with others.  So with some quick photo’s and less talking from me; here is the unboxing of the Prefecture of Ryu starter set.