Plans and Ideas

It was mooted a couple of years ago, that the Scottish WM/H community could organise a Scottish Masters.  Several ideas were considered, but it was the location and venue that always made it difficult.  Hiring somewhere will always be expensive, something any organiser will understand.  It has the knock on effect, of those costs passing onto the attendees to some extent.

This year a new store opened up, Common Ground Games in Stirling.  In their own words, a purpose built venue for gaming needs great or small. Steve Fettes is the owner, is someone who certainly seems passionate about the gaming community and the store he owns.  The venue has space enough for five 24 foot long tables, standard 4 foot wide.  There is room for additional gaming like CCG’s or boardgames, as well as the store itself; selling large range of gaming equipment and systems.

They will be holding their first WM/H event on the 27th July, with a Convergence of Cyriss book release.  With the low points armies and free play aspect, it is a great way for new players to get involved in the competitive scene of the game.  Who knows, it could lead to a Scottish Masters being held there in the very near future.