Product Promotion

Now being a PG, some might say that I hate the competition; especially one in particular.  This isn’t true, GW have been a staple of the British high street for over 30 years.  They have brought many Warmachine/Hordes players into the world of gaming and will do for many more years…..hopefully.

I say hopefully, as I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting pics on Facebook; of the new 40k models and one thing struck me just now….the pictures look shit.  Now I don’t mean the models themselves, before all you GW fans break your knees jerking them; I meant photo composition wise.

They show you bugger all of the model; except some hazy outline with splashes of colour.  They are usually multiples of models, instead of a single shot of one model in high detail. One picture I saw, was of giant blue oversized power armour, that had an intense bright light shining through the legs; like his genitals were on fire.  So GW, a little advice from a complete noob like me.  If your going to highlight your products, at least make the effort to show your craft in the best possible light….not through the genitals.


LXG Correction

I’ve always been aware that credit should be given where it is due.  So when Tom Haswell messaged me this morning,  to point out that my original post was incorrect.  Tom co-founded the LXG with 4 others, who all contribute to the site.

Other than Belgarath97, Second Class Elitist and LXG; I’m not aware of who the other members are; however this shouldn’t detract from the contributions of the other members.  If you haven’t already, check it out at League of Extraordinary Gamers.

League of Extraordinary Gamers

Recently Painting Oaths, was blogged by the League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG); a blog covering the many and varied games out there.  On a recent trip to Salute, Phil Millar, creator of Painting Oaths; was interviewed by Tom Haswell (LXG Blog Owner).

The full interview can been seen here, but the reason I mention the blog, is not only because it’s a great informative read; but it also (unwittingly to me) used a number of photos of my models in the interview article.  Those who read my previous post, will remember the Oath models I had already painted.  All three appear in the article, which for me is a great honour; considering some of the other models that could have been used.

Links to YOUR site?

I’m going to open up the blog to links from any manufacturer, store or blog; that would like a link from my blog to their site.  If you have a banner or logo you want displayed as well, feel free to email it to me at

Scams/Spam/Porn is not acceptable, though bribes of miniatures/products are always welcome….for reviewing on the blog of course.  Just like to add I’ve just added a link to Volt Ron’s blog, which I have to admit I hate him for getting to paint with Meg Maples.

All change

Seeing as there was a blackout, I thought I would finally get around to changing my painting desk.  Previously the monitor and keyboard were on the right, with the painting side on the left.  I’ve swapped them over, as I have a small 3 drawer cabinet under the desk.  This was making me twist uncomfortably when trying to paint.

I’ve still got to move lighting and figure out something for the paints themselves, but it’s looking and working out better.  Hopefully, this change will give me the impetus to start painting again.