Something Different

Whenever I go away to convention or tournament, I am always on the look out for things for my wife.  Her main passions within the fantasy realms are Fairies and Angels.

So when I was at the Games Expo a couple of years ago, I bought and painted her the Bad Fairy model.  Below is my version, in the colours my wife likes most – Purple!

So when I was at the ETC’s last weekend, I naturally drifted around the store to find anything I could take back for her.  Eventually I found another Freebooter Miniatures fairy, this time it was the Fairy of the Woods.

Perhaps it is the colours used, but I didn’t like this model when I first saw it.  The face looks totally wrong and like it belongs on a china doll, not a woodland fairy.  Having started on it though, I am pleased to see that the face and general casting is very clean and shouldn’t look horrid when finished.  I’m going to paint the wings separate, but this is where I am at after about 45 minutes work.

Go Away Real Life

Even though I have oodles of time to paint, I still have real life to deal with; like housework, shopping and dealing with bureaucratic bullshit. Things have stalled a little, as I have to deal with a time sensitive issue.

I am hoping to get started on the painting tonight, if I can manage to get some headway on this issue.  With luck the face and basecoat should be done by the weekend, so I am free to play at the Tartan Brawl.

Painting by Numbers

Ok so I am showing my age here, but this is literally what I have been doing to get myself back into painting again.  I’m not actually talking about using one, more the spirit of it, where you take each colour at a time.

I envy these painters, that keep going despite things piling up.  At the moment, the only thing worse that painting block; is the pile of metal that is building.  Irony of all this, is that the models I am painting is the Withershadow Combine; minus one.

I think from this picture, you can guess which one of the Combine is missing.  Yep Tremelous is missing, he is still bare metal and awaiting primer.  Anyway, with both Admonia and Maelevous nearly finished, I thought it would be a good incentive to post up pictures.  Hopefully I can have the 4 x McThralls, 10 Satyxis Raiders + UA + Raider Cpt and the Scrap Thralls I have coming; ready for Tartan Brawl in March.

Painting Pink Update

Things have gone better than expected, Sea Witch is finished; with just minor basing to finish.

I’ll be speaking to David later this week, to arrange pick up of the model he is donating.  With luck, I can have them both painted and sent off; within the next week.  In the meantime, I have been putting my Withershadow Combine together, ready for priming sometime this week.  Not the best photo, but gives you an idea of what I have done.  It’s shiny because of the varnish, this has since been dulled with Army Painter Anti-Shine.  I’ll be adding another layer of gloss, then anti shine; once I have painted the front arc markings.  This will be to seal the base and give the model an extra coat of protection.

Picture doesn’t do it justice, the face is a lot clearer and neater than it looks on this picture.  The prizes aren’t my goal here, it is with the thought of making money for the charity.  I hope someone likes it enough to give it a good home.  In some ways, I will be sad to see it go; I kind of like it myself.