New UK WM/H Podcast

From my days as part of Shotgun or Grapple, I know how hard it is to take that first step into podcasting.  Your worried about how you will sound, you generally ramble or wing it; with lots of pauses oomm’s and errmss.

So I am showing support for a new UK Warmachine/Hordes podcast called Alpha Strike.  A fledgling group of podcasters, which I wish all the success possible for their venture.  Having already listened to the first show, they have a great group; which has that friendly banter dynamic that works well in podcasting.  While the first show is just about the European Team Championships, it has a great insight and information into the tournament, how it works and of course how well they did.

My only critique, would be the length of the episode.  Though this is something that we (Shotgun or Grapple) fell foul of in our first episode as well, running to 2 hours in length.  This is minor, as the more episodes they do; the more they will become less nervous and more focused on what they want to say.

Anyway, enough rambling from me, enjoy the UK’s latest WM/H podcast – Alpha Strike