UK Nationals Lists

In the build up to the Nationals, I find myself in two minds.  On the one hand, there is the part that just wants to go have a good time and play some games. The other part of me is competitive, so wants to do the best I can.

One of the problems I have though, is that being a PG; I haven’t had much chance to play.  My knowledge is rusty and I really need an intense refresher course in even the basics of the game.  This makes me nervous about facing some of the best players in the UK, ill prepared to play.

Another problem, is army lists.  My first inclination is to go with Casters I know and love – Mortenebra and the Witch Coven.  I’d like to run eSkarre or pDenny, but can’t decide which one to run.  pDenny I am more familiar with, but Skarre is just so much fun to play.

So this week I’m going to post up some potential lists I will be looking at over the two tournaments leading up to the Nationals.


Wind up or Wind down….

It might seem like a strange title for a blog post, but give me a moment to explain.  This year (to date), as been one hell of a rollercoaster ride for me.  There has been a lot of effort put into building a Scottish presence within the UK WM/H scene, which has only been helped a lot by the recent efforts of some of our more dedicated players.  In particular the players from G3 Glasgow Gamers and several players from Aberdeen.

To give you an example, 4 – 5 of the players from Aberdeen travelled to SmogCon this year.  On the way, their car broke down and they were towed home again.  Normally this would be the end of it, but these guys jumped on a bus; travelled overnight to be at Smogcon.  At the UK Masters, quite a few Scottish players were in attendance; with one player coming within the top 10 best in the UK as others gave a respectable showing.

So it makes me wonder why, I am currently struggling with whether to give up being a PG or not.  I admit that I am sitting here now, mentally wrecked; having just driven back from Hampshire; through M6 rush hour and torrential rains in the Borders.  Nine and half hours, to think about this question; yet I am still no nearer an answer.

I love this game, I love being a PG; but that love is turning sour recently and I hate that.  So do I wind up, put myself forward as coordinator and push hard for a Scottish Team at the ETC/WTC; get the Scottish Open off the ground.  Or do I just it down, not bother with trying to improve the game for everyone in Scotland.  First though, I’m going to get some sleep; night all.

Blog Hiatus

Last month was my busiest of the year, with 4 events I attended (I think? It’s a blur as you will see). So the blog itself has gone a little to the wayside, as I have just not had the energy to direct it in to writing.

Today though, having just come back from seeing Brave with my daughter visiting from Canada; I thought I would try to catch up on what has been happening.

Beginning of July was just getting things ready, I had ordered my PG copy of Heap too; which is a great game.  The new Colossals book was also eagerly anticipated, with the first of the new releases in July; in the shape of the Stormwall and Nemo3.  If that wasn’t enough, I drove down to Mansfield; home of Maelstrom Games to help officiate in the European Team Championships.  It was a long and gruelling 3 days, but one of the best times I have had since starting WH/M.  Following weekend, was the Colossals Launch event at my LGS, which was fantastic fun and my first time playing in an open play format.

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3rd weekend in a row, up to Perth for the first event in a long time at Intrepidations.  25pts, running my pared down Morty list; was so much fun even if I did get the wooden spoon.  Finally on 4th August (yay one weekend off inbetween), I attended Claymore with Scotlands’ newest PG; Scott Burry He demonstrated Warmachine/Hordes, while I demo’d Heap for the first time.

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It’s taken me a couple of weeks, to get myself back on track health wise; as the ETC’s took the most out of me.  Thankfully having some time to relax and get back to painting, has made all the difference with some glorious sunshine as a bonus.  Oh yea, there was one other thing you might have heard, something called War Room was released. I certainly like it, even though some people seem to take a different view of it.  Their choice and prerogative, I don’t have to push the product in their face; as it will sell itself eventually.

Go Away Real Life

Even though I have oodles of time to paint, I still have real life to deal with; like housework, shopping and dealing with bureaucratic bullshit. Things have stalled a little, as I have to deal with a time sensitive issue.

I am hoping to get started on the painting tonight, if I can manage to get some headway on this issue.  With luck the face and basecoat should be done by the weekend, so I am free to play at the Tartan Brawl.

Character Building or Evolution?

Normally my world and my wife’s rarely connect, but today she came across an article; that she thought I might like.

Gaming today, especially RPG’s are broken completely with Real Life.  That is what gamers want in some respects, to immerse themselves in their characters while they play; but do they really?