Product Promotion

Now being a PG, some might say that I hate the competition; especially one in particular.  This isn’t true, GW have been a staple of the British high street for over 30 years.  They have brought many Warmachine/Hordes players into the world of gaming and will do for many more years…..hopefully.

I say hopefully, as I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting pics on Facebook; of the new 40k models and one thing struck me just now….the pictures look shit.  Now I don’t mean the models themselves, before all you GW fans break your knees jerking them; I meant photo composition wise.

They show you bugger all of the model; except some hazy outline with splashes of colour.  They are usually multiples of models, instead of a single shot of one model in high detail. One picture I saw, was of giant blue oversized power armour, that had an intense bright light shining through the legs; like his genitals were on fire.  So GW, a little advice from a complete noob like me.  If your going to highlight your products, at least make the effort to show your craft in the best possible light….not through the genitals.


Colossal, War Room & Heap

Yesterday, Privateer Press appeared to give the Warmachine/Hordes community a double geekgasm.  Announcing not one project, but a total of three; they are starting 2012 with a bang.

I’m going to start with Colossals, as frankly they are big news; in more the one sense of the word.  120mm based Warjacks, these brutes have been hinted at since Superiority days of Warmachine.  Watch the video to see, what I mean.

With Hordes ones in the works (hint of Troll Colossal, in the video right at the end), this is another new addition to the WM/H stable.

Perhaps it is appropriate, on the day they launch Colossals; they also launch their very own version; of a well-known military construction application.  Entitled War Room, it is the next level for a great and still used piece of software called iBodger.  I don’t think, there is one WM/H player; that hasn’t used iBodger as some point.  So with War Room, you get not only the great army construction functions; but also the ability to view any card or any faction.  This will allow players to instantly know, what X Model does; without having to ask for the card.  It will also possibly have full descriptions of the abilities (certainly on the cards anyway).  Now the app is free, which is good; as it comes with the boxset cards for all factions. The faction decks will cost, with a price quoted as $6.99.

Lastly was Heap, the new game for Bodgers.  Now, I have never played this, but from the description of Bodgers it sounds like a blast.  Might have to get some, just to let you all know what it is like.  Whatever happens, 2012 is looking to be another kick ass year of gaming and playing.

Figures in Comfort

Well it’s Boxing Day and I have just finished transferring my models to the new case.  I am very pleased with the case, made of hard-wearing material and not in an insipid/boring camouflage or army green colour like other makers of carry bags.  Figures in Comfort offer good quality, which is comparable; if not better than many others.

The tray setup I got was

  • 1 x 4c (25mm infantry, 70mm deep)
  • 1 x 5c (40mm infantry, 70mm deep)
  • 2 x 22c (Large Models)

Now I have only just filled one of the Large Models tray, the other is empty at the moment.  Not a problem, I will be looking to add more warbeasts/jacks in the new year.  My problem, is the 70mm depth of the infantry trays.

It is just too deep for models like Mechanithralls, which is evident when you can stand up a Bane Thrall in the slot.  Not a major problem, it was just one of not know what I needed.

Medium bases were just the same, though for things like the Bloodgorgers; this was compounded by weapons.  The reason for this, is trying to push the model into the bottom, the weapons would scrape and scratch the sides.  These guys fitted best, stood on their heads in the slot; though some like pGaspy fit snug in the slot.

Putting the beasts and jacks in to the larger tray, wasn’t a problem; though the Deathjack did take up the *whole* slot.

Other than the tray setup, this was just the present I needed and wanted.   Come the New Year, I’ll be looking to get some 35mm trays for the infantry and my expanding Malifaux models. I’d certainly recommend them to anyone looking for good quality, fast service and very good customer service.  Even my cat thinks the company is great and aptly named, though she thinks the company should be changed to Felines in Comfort…….

KR Multicases

KR Multicases recently updated their website, looking to make it user-friendly. I currently use one of the K-Lite ones, which given my prolific model purchases; has outgrown its capacity.

So in the interested of consumer research, given the previous incarnation of the site; I threw myself into the site and hoped I survived.  First of all the layout is better, where previously it was all about the cases; not the filling.  The site now offers lots of options from choosing a particular case (with new ranges), to buying individual trays for specific systems.  The Games Workshop section, is up to date with a lot of the new Forgeworld models covered.  Other games systems include WM/H, Malifaux and Wyrds new game Puppet Wars.  It even has historical with Flames of War and many of the Warlords ranges covered.  My only critique, which may be my system; is the drop down menu disappears to the right of the screen.  This means you have to scroll to the right, but lose the drop down menu.  In the end I had to use the mouse wheel to see what the full range that was available.

Overall I am happy with the update, it’s a big improvement on the previous one.  Where as before, it was confusing which tray would work best with your models.  The new site already gives you the best options for your army, which cuts down on the confusion.  Now all I have to hope for, is that I can stop buying models long enough to buy a new case.

Tartan Skirmish Radio

About a month ago, I mentioned this podcast; which I am working on with David.  Well through various delays and complications, we have finally got the first episode out there.  This was recorded about a month ago, hence why there is some parts that appear out of date.  That said, we hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave feedback and comments.  If there is anyone looking to promote an event or particular game; contact me on or at

Tartan Skirmish Radio